Featured Artist James-Dean Trepanier

Artist James-Dean Trepanier presents a collection of bold, futuristic photography that stretches the boundaries of imagination. Find more of his work on his website.


landscape photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Percé in August” photography, various sizes


I have always seen the world in a different way.


floral photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Purple Pleasure” photography, various sizes


Born in Chandler, a small town in the Gaspésie region of Québec, Canada, I have always been surrounded by the beauty of nature. My love of photography was inspired by my brother Michael who bought a 35mm camera when was in my teens. I loved looking into the viewfinder and discovering other worlds such as flowers and the sky.


architectural photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Au coin de Saint-Jean” photography, various sizes


As an avid computer user since the arrival of the internet, I have always tinkered with simple photo programs to add a special touch to my images. Around 2010, my pal Steve taught me a technique that forever altered my artistic vision—the art of HDR photography! Playing with colours, textures and shadows really added a different look to my photography projects.


landscape photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Cuba Morning Coffee” photography, various sizes


In 2011 I began travelling extensively. This began a period of creating fun colourful collections from different regions of our beautiful planet such as Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. I worked on developing my HDR technique as I travelled.


interior photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Land of the Pews” photography, various sizes


My first public collections were built around these worldly travels. I then focused on macro photography resulting in my series Floral Delights. I also launched a collection of clothing and accessories printed with my imagery during this period.


architectural photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Mother Ship” photography, various sizes


I am a lover of new technology. In 2017, I decided to splurge and buy my first 360 Camera from Insta360. I was blown away by this fun new gadget. The first few iterations were not producing HD level images, so it was only a toy for the moment.


metro photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Metro Préfontaine” photography, various sizes


All of this changed with the launch of their Insta360 ONE. This is the model I’ve used to develop my personal 360HDR imagineering technique. It mixes the endless possibilities of 360 imagery and eye-popping wizardry of HDR.


collage of metro photographs by James-Dean Trepanier

Metro 360-MTL Series of photographs


I have worked on new collections using this newly reworked photo such as Celestial Vistas (taken inside churches) and Intergalactic Perspectives (my view of the Montreal Downtown core). In my first major work called Metro360-Mtl I will capture the essence of Montreal’s 68 subway stations.


metro photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Metro Joliette” photography, various sizes


The main goal of my art is to give you a glimpse into my world and how I see it. A fun hidden “easter egg” is that I appear in most of them!


metro photography by James-Dean Trepanier

“Metro Angrignon” photography, various sizes


I am now looking towards the future with excitement as we move towards new avenues for artists such as NFTs, electronic art and the metaverse. It is an amazing jungle of new art technology and media out there and we will be the visionaries who shape it. Dare every day!


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