Featured Artist Jenny Pivor

Artist Jenny Pivor shares a selection from her Jazzed series, using colorful photographic composites of musicians transposed with nature images. See more by visiting her website.


digital photo of a musician by Jenny Pivor

“Bass Player” digital print, 18″ x 24″


For me, art is an exploration where I navigate the unknown. I’m not really sure what I am going to discover.


abstract digital photo by Jenny Pivor

“Cool Jazz” digital print, 26″ x 20″


Sometimes, when I set out on a “good trail,” it is an all engrossing adventure.


digital photo of a jazz musician by Jenny Pivor

“Jazz Riff” digital print, 13″ x 21″


I have various sorts of images that interest me as a place of departure, such as music, nature, old cars, animals and street photography, which can be viewed on my website. Here, I am featuring my Jazzed images, originating from my collection of photos of musicians.


digital photo of a saxophone player by Jenny Pivor

“Saxplayer 2″ digital print, 20″ x 26”


I began painting these images when I became involved with a group called the North Shore Jazz Project. I had the opportunity to hear a lot of jazz as well as meet the musicians.


digital portrait of a musician by Jenny Pivor

“Good Vibrations” digital print, 20″ x 26″


I found that their music truly moved me. Being an artist, I wanted to find a way to visually interpret those feelings.


digital photo of musicians by Jenny Pivor

“Combo” digital print, 21″ x 12″


I create these images by combining them in Photoshop with other unrelated photos of shapes and colors. I am experimental with technology, combining it with what I already know about painting. I’m looking to create something unique with an entirely different look and message.


abstract digital photo by Jenny Pivor

“Hot Solo” digital print, 24″ x 24″


I draw some of these random images from nature, for instance, a photo of a flock of birds taking flight. Once I make a composite of these images, I put them into Illustrator for simplification. Or I add them to Fresco on my iPad where I paint them with a stylus.


digital photo fo a jazz musician by Jenny Pivor

“In the Groove” digital print, 13″ x 20″


Lately, I have been painting them in oils and then reblending those images with new photos of musicians to achieve a painterly effect.


digital photography of a musician by Jenny Pivor

“Bluesman” digital print, 20″ x 28″


I’m always looking for the unusual. I consider my background as a painter, and the works of my favorite artists as I work: David Hockney, Gustav Klimpt, Henri Rousseau and Edward Hopper. These artists all employed strong compositions, often with large areas of flat color, balanced with pattern and smaller shapes.


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