4 Ways Art Logistics Services Can Help Grow Your Art Business

What are professional art logistics services? Ilya Kushnirskiy, co-owner of Fine Art Shippers explains why artists must know about this important option.


Fine Art being packed

Staff from Fine Art Shippers carefully pack a work of art to transport.


Logistics is an integral part of pretty much any business selling physical goods. You might think that to operate a business successfully, it is enough to simply rely on regular shipping services. That might be true, but you would be significantly limiting your possibilities. When shipping artworks to clients, many professional artists opt for the help of professional art logistics companies.

In general, art logistics includes an array of services related to art handling and transportation, such as national and international shipping, packing and crating, installation, insurance, storage, and more. Let’s find out how opting for the help of expert art handlers can benefit your art business.

Expand your business

As a successful art business owner, you have probably already mastered transporting artwork locally. But what about the global art market? You might find that international art shipping has several challenges you have never encountered. Fees, customs documentation, and the risks that come with long-distance transportation are just a few of the things that might get in the way of your business expansion.

To ensure that you are prepared to take on new heights, you can opt for the help of a professional art transportation company. Leave all the stress of international shipping to experts who will handle it for you. From ensuring the safety of your artwork to taking care of documentation, art shippers do everything in their power to help your works reach their new owners in perfect condition and right on time.


Fine art shipper moving artwork

Securely packed artwork in transit to its final destination.


Optimize your time and space

An artist’s time is extremely valuable, especially when they have a business to run. Besides, the space where the artist creates art should be respected at all costs. But you might have noticed that boxes, tape, and other packing supplies occupy quite a large portion of that precious space. You might have also realized that packing all day long is not the most effective or pleasant way to spend your time as an artist. This is where art logistics companies come into play.

It does not make a difference whether it is an oil painting, a ceramic sculpture, or a religious icon you are shipping. Professional art handlers can pack and crate any piece of art, customizing the packaging to fit the item perfectly. They will bring the equipment and supplies to your place or studio and pack your artworks onsite. Besides, you will not have to waste time calculating shipping costs because art shippers will do that for you.

Make a good impression

As a business owner, you know that making an impeccable first impression on your customers is extremely important in building a loyal client base. You might think that all that matters is your art and that your talent and dedication are enough to impress anyone. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. No matter how amazing your works are, the clients will not want to order from you again if the overall customer experience is unsatisfactory. Issues like poor packaging or late delivery might make your customers feel you do not care about them or your art. This is why choosing a reliable art logistics company is crucial to growing your art business.

When art handlers see a work of art, they see not only a beautiful creation but also a valuable item that needs to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition. When your customers receive a perfectly packaged and punctually delivered item, they will be impressed with how you care for your art. Knowing they can trust you to provide the best customer service possible, they will want to continue buying from you in the future. In other words, thorough shipping and packing practices are the key to building long-lasting relationships with your clients.


Movers unpacking and installing artwork

Artwork is carefully unpacked and professionally installed.


Mitigate the risks

Working with professional art shippers, you are ensuring the protection and safety of your artwork. However, some things cannot be predicted. In the unlikely case that something happens to your pieces during transportation, you want to know you did everything you could to prepare. To take the protection of your goods to another level, you might want to opt for art insurance, specialized insurance that will cover the damage your work might receive in case something goes wrong in transit.

Art insurance is usually a must when shipping with an art logistics company. Not only may art shippers refuse to transport uninsured work, but it is a crucial step in providing sufficient protection for you and your product. The art logistics company of your choice can help you choose a suitable insurance plan based on your needs.

We hope you take the time to evaluate the advantages of working with a professional art logistics company. After all, additional help when managing a business is always welcome.


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