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Launched by the .ART Registry to serve the creative community, stands out as a pivotal platform crafted to revolutionize how artworks, cultural objects, crafts, and collectibles are organized, managed, and monetized. .ART Registry’s latest innovation offers a unique space for anyone involved in art, culture, collectibles and more to declare their identity, register their works and collectible items, and engage with the global art and culture community. In alignment with this mission, every profile and each individual artwork receives a unique URL at (i.e., with no registration or renewal fees.

Supporting a Diverse Array of Art Forms

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, digital artist, or crafter, accommodates a broad spectrum of creative expressions. Ulvi Kasimov, founder of .ART, celebrates as “a unified digital register for all art and cultural objects,” designed to empower every form of creativity to be managed, authenticated, and shared globally. profile example


Exploring the Core Features of

Professional Portfolios and Dedicated Webpages:Every artist and each piece of art on is given a unique digital identity creating a professional portfolio website enhancing the presentation and management of artworks.

Centralized Artistic Dashboard:The platform provides a centralized dashboard where artists can manage all their works, links to social media, and marketplace integrations, helping maintain a powerful and cohesive online presence.

Certificates of Authenticity:Boost the value and trust of your artworks with verifiable certificates of authenticity, directly linked to the detailed provenance stored on


Benefits of .ART for artists


Simplified NFT Minting: With just a few clicks, artists can mint NFTs directly within the platform. While a crypto wallet connection is required to initiate the process, one has the flexibility to handle transactions using traditional payment methods instead of cryptocurrency. This approach makes the NFT market more accessible, especially for those new to digital collectibles.

Global Register of Art and Culture:As a secure global record, offers a recognized method for artists to declare their artistic and cultural presence and comprehensively document their works and ownership.

From painters and sculptors to digital artists and crafters, provides a comprehensive suite of tools to showcase, authenticate, and monetize their works globally with ease and security. Its user-friendly interface and innovative features are tailored to meet the needs of creatives in today’s digital and physical art landscapes.

Usage examples


artist profile on


Peruvian Andes native Jesus Rojas now uses in the US to manage his vivid artwork, characterized by the bright colors of his childhood landscapes. Formerly an illustrator for children’s books, his current work delves into deeper themes like eroticism, sexuality, spirituality, and life’s dualities.


artist profile on



A talented artist from Kiev, Natasha Burenina, aka Elfometa, uses AI and digital tools to explore themes of love, beauty, and power. Her captivating art has featured in L’Amour Magazine, Glamour Affair, and on the covers of Know Magazine.

Discover the full potential of Start for free and enjoy features like a portfolio website for up to 20 Digital Twins, Certificates of Authenticity, and easy NFT minting. Upgrade to PRO account for unlimited Digital Twins, customizable COAs and enjoy other benefits of being like a pro! Use promo code PROSHARK for 50% off the PRO plan and a matching discount on all .ART domains you link.



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