Featured Artist Peggy Hinaekian

Enjoy the colorful portfolio of abstract artist Peggy Hinaekian, whose paintings tell stories and elicit emotional responses. See more by visiting her website.


abstract mixed media painting

“Green Cloud Ascending” mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 40″


I’m an Armenian/American artist, working in California. After studying art in Rome, Paris, Montreal and Geneva, I participated in numerous solo and group shows on three continents. I am also an author and have published four books.


abstract mixed media painting of birds in the sky

“Birds on a Wire with Red Cloud” mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 40″


My grandparents were survivors of the Armenian Genocide. They escaped and established themselves in Cairo, Egypt, where I was born. During my childhood I was influenced by American popular culture. I started drawing very early in life and I doodled extensively in my school books and drew portraits of people. After my teen years, I evolved into making paintings of interlaced couples, all on the Adam and Eve theme.


red and orange painting of high noon

“High Noon in Red Desert” mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 36″


In my early years I was influenced by Picasso and Modigliani. After immigrating to Canada, I veered into abstract. I was awarded an honorable mention in my first group show, for my first abstract painting—which I have kept. Later, I developed into full-scale abstract atmospheric landscapes, all from imagination. I could never copy nature. I find inspiration in colors and shapes around me and put my insights onto the canvas. My goal as an artist is to tell a story and to induce an emotional response in the viewer.


abstract painting with birds

“Flying Kite and Red Birds” mixed media on canvas, 30″ x 24″


After a four-year stint in Montreal, I went to Manhattan and became a fashion designer. But I never let go of my desire to develop into a full-fledged artist. I found Manhattan too overwhelming, with no quality of life.


abstract painting of birds in a red sky

“Birds on a Wire with Blue Cloud” mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 40″


I then decided to try life in Europe, Switzerland to be precise. I worked at the United Nations and carried on with my artistic ventures on the side. It was in Switzerland that my artistic career took off in leaps and bounds. I exhibited all over Europe with galleries and in art fairs. And I experimented with etchings, which were distributed worldwide.


abstract painting in blues

“Evening Blues” (diptych) mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 48″


My inspiration is to discover beauty in unusual places. Markings on sidewalks, the shape of clouds, or the rustle of leaves. The abstract patterns I discover free my brain from reality. I use all the powers of my imagination to depict emotions. I also like pushing the boundaries of convention and introduce new concepts. And I try to invite the viewer to actively take part in my creative process of space, color and light as a personal encounter.


abstract painting of blue birds in a red cloud

“Blue Birds Flying through Red Cloud” mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 36″


My paintings have been described as Blue Reveries and Red Desertscapes. I have always been fascinated with the movement and color of the Mediterranean Sea. Later, during my travels in New Mexico, the red and orange hues of the desert were added to my palette. My predominant colors are blue and red/orange.


abstract painting in blue and orange

“Blue and Orange” mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 36″


My mind is always very active. I am constantly visualizing new landscapes, my latest subject being birds on a wire. Earlier I had a fascination with windows. To me, both subjects mean freedom and escape from reality. My numerous travels have determined the nostalgic and atmospheric character of my work which mainly consists of mixed media on paper and on canvas.


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