Featured Artist Diane Sanborn

Featured artist Diane Sanborn presents a collection of colorful and engaging paintings that are a visual delight.

Featured Artist Linda Blackerby

Painter Linda Blackerby presents a collection of vibrant and exciting abstracts that express her love of color.

Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2023

Enjoy our current Artist Showcase featuring the work of amazing creatives working in different mediums and styles. Click on each name to visit their website.     Niyati Jiwani My compositions consist of vibrant and subtle colors which create an everlasting impact on the viewers, making them feel positive, pure and blissful. I make art […]

Featured Artist Margaret Lipsey

Featured artist and painter Margaret Lipsey explores color and connection in her portfolio of abstract works.

Featured Artist Katy Bishop

Featured artist Katy Bishop creates vibrant abstracts using alcohol ink and a serendipitous painting technique.

Featured Artist Torenzo Gann

Artist Torenzo Gann shares his compelling personal story and a collection of figurative works from his contemporary portfolio.

Featured Artist Harry Salmi

Finnish artist Harry Salmi presents a high-energy portfolio of colorful abstract works created using innovative techniques.

Featured Artists Gray Johnson

The collaborative duo of Gray Johnson presents a dynamic collection of digital art created with layered images.

Featured Artist Ann Stockdale

Featured artist and oil painter Ann Stockdale’s bold and colorful portfolio reflects her creative life as a free spirit.

Featured Artist Amber Penney

Featured artist Amber Penney offers a delightful collection of whimsical artwork filled with wonder.

Featured Artist Merinda Crowder

Artist Merinda Crowder presents a collection of botanical and landscapes created through a spontaneous fluid painting process.

Featured Artist Ingemar Härdelin

Swedish painter Ingemar Härdelin presents a stunning collection of vibrant abstracts filled with energy and life.

Featured Artist Kris Haas

Artist Kris Haas shares an impactful personal story and her portfolio of dynamic abstract painting and collage.

Featured Artist Yildiz Grodowski

Abstract painter Yildiz Grodowski shares a selection of artwork created to inspire human connection and communication.