Featured Artist Lyn Diefenbach


Australian artist Lyn Diefenbach's beautiful oils and pastels bring to life the florals and portraits she paints. Visit her website to see more of her amazing body of work.     I delight in portraying the illusion of reality on a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Paul Trapp


Using spatial anomalies created with everyday objects, artist Paul Trapp activates the viewer's perception and raises questions regarding how we experience the world. Visit his website to see more of his art.     Inspiration for … [Read more]

“I’m sorry… WHAT did you sign??” Part Two

Meeting with an Agent

Guest blogger Emily Danchuk is an intellectual property attorney and founder of Copyright Collaborative, which is designed to educate, empower and unionize artists in the fight against copyright theft.     Part Two:  The Relationship … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sheila Grabarsky

Tickled Pink

Bursting with color and bold forms, Sheila Grabarsky's abstract paintings virtually swirl and dance on the canvas. To see more of her art, visit her website.     My goal is to share the happiness I feel at the relatively new … [Read more]

Register Now for a Free Smart Marketing Webinar

Smart Marketing Webinar

by Carolyn Edlund Join us for a free webinar on July 7th, 2015 that addresses the biggest marketing mistakes that artists make, and how to resolve them now.     Whether you've been selling your art for a while, or just getting … [Read more]

Featured Artist Robert Michaels

The Three Faces of Florence

Robert Michaels' skill as a photographer, combined with his ability to manipulate imagery using computer software, results in an amazing and visually engaging portfolio. Visit his website to see more of his work.     I am an … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Hale

Dancing on the Edge

Color and light-filled canvases of Karen Hale transport the viewer into a world of ethereal beauty. Visit her website to see more of her artwork.     The quaint and small gold country town of Jackson, California is where I make … [Read more]

Tips for Speaking About Your Art

At a gallery show

by Carolyn Edlund I recently had a conversation with Ashwin Muthiah, CEO of Easely, on the topic of artists talking about their work. Here are some ideas on discussing your work with prospective clients.     Carolyn: Since … [Read more]

Featured Artist Joy Makon

Forecast for an Inch

Joy Makon's beautifully detailed watercolors are filled with light and color with a focus on compositional elements. To see more of her paintings, visit her website.     As a dedicated observer of my surroundings, I’m always on … [Read more]

Smart Marketing Strategy: Serve Up Your Art

In Situ photo of artwork by Paula Ogier

by Carolyn Edlund You’ve seen them: food packages with a photograph on the front and the words “suggested serving” that idealize that frozen macaroni or can of corn you are considering. Showing the use of a product is smart marketing, and artists … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ben Hilario-Caguiat


Sculptor and mixed media artist Ben Hilario-Caguiat uses texture, color and shape to create visual playgrounds. To see more of his artwork, please visit his website.     Anime (Japanese film and television animation) inspires me … [Read more]

Featured Artist Barbara Harmer

Purple Mountains Majesty

The art of Chigiri-e, tearing or cutting handmade paper to make art, is beautifully illustrated by the works of Barbara Harmer. Visit her website to see more of her gorgeous art.  .     I studied “Chigiri-e,” (Chee-gee-ree-ay, … [Read more]

3 Art Marketing Goals that Help Sell Your Work

Making a Sale

by Carolyn Edlund Do you currently have a marketing plan? Is it working for you?     Why are you marketing your art? Your answer might be “To make sales of my work.” And that is definitely a goal that can spur you into marketing … [Read more]

Featured Artist Louise Little

Painted Desert

Artist Louise Little creates stunningly exquisite jewelry that evokes the beauty of the American Southwest where she lives. To see more of her wearable art, please visit her website.     As a Glass bead artist I draw inspiration … [Read more]