Featured Artist Max Lehman

Red Skeleton with Black Birds

Enter the fascinating world of Max Lehman, who presents his sculptural portfolio. Be sure to visit his website for more information about this artist and his work.     I am originally from Fort Knox, Kentucky, but I currently … [Read more]

How to Run a Phenomenally Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Hughes Pottery Kickstarter

by Carolyn Edlund Rowan Rose and Charles Hughes of Hughes Pottery raised almost twice their crowdfunding goal. I recently spoke with Rowan on their strategies, and how other artists can do it, too.     AS:  You had a plan to do … [Read more]

Featured Artist Allison L Norfleet Bruenger

Druzy in Full Bloom

Artist Allison Bruenger incorporates many different materials into her fascinating jewelry designs. Visit her website to see more of her work.     I have had a love for art since I can remember, as I was born into a family of … [Read more]

Artists are the Luckiest People

Why Artists are Lucky

  … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mark Venaglia

Lisa Sfumato

Mural artist Mark Venaglia presents his amazing portfolio of work. Find out more about him by visiting his website.     As an eco-artist, I often find inspiration in nature: the geometry, the breadth, and even the organic aspects … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sharon Harms


Enjoy the delightful watercolor portfolio of artist Sharon Harms, and be sure to visit her website to see more of her work.     At a very early age, I knew I wanted to be an artist. My family was always very supportive of my … [Read more]

Reaping Profits through Copyright Infringement

More examples of blatant copyright infringement.

by guest blogger Emily Danchuk Is there no end to the rip-offs being perpetrated on artists?   My mother, Cindy, is pretty good at rug hooking. Once in a while, she sees a pattern or a design created by someone else, makes her own similar … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dee Jackson

Sweet Baby

Australian artist Dee Jackson presents her beautiful portfolio of watercolour portraits. Visit her website for more information.     I love painting watercolour portraits. It is the way the medium ebbs and flows and creates … [Read more]

Is Social Media Really The Key to Selling Art Online?

A conversation

by guest blogger Chris Davies   With the online art market growing by 20% each year, it’s no surprise many creatives find selling art online so lucrative. And with sites such as Artfinder, Artsy, Etsy and even Shopify steadily … [Read more]

Featured Artist Grace DePledge

Finished carving before firing

Ceramic artist Grace DePledge creates a stunning collection of intricately designed pottery. Enjoy, and visit her website for more.     I am a studio potter who finds joy in creating hand-carved porcelain pots that communicate … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tricia Reust

Truth Cloak

Tricia Reust presents a stunning portfolio filled with images inspired by her native Australia. Visit her website to see more from this talented artist.     Drawing is the basis of my art practice, and I work at it every day. … [Read more]

Holiday Shopping Starts Now. Are You Ready?


by guest blogger Mckenna Hallett     Are you ready? The holiday season will be here in a snap. Are you going to bundle up some great gift ideas, put together a campaign, and capture multiple sales for your art business? You can … [Read more]

Featured Artist Natalie Anaya

Mark the Spot

Painter Natalie Anaya creates images that transform everyday objects and places into thoughtful, compelling artworks. Enjoy, and visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     As a child, I was the kind that would see creatures … [Read more]

Art & The City

24 Hour Paradise

Cities can be hectic, sometimes gritty, always bustling and exciting. These artists share their unique impressions of life downtown in this look at Urban Art.     A slice of city life is shared by Deanna Fainelli, who … [Read more]