Public Speaking for Artists

Artist James Thatcher presenting

by James Thatcher You’ve prepared a wonderful exhibit of your artwork. Now preparation is the key to making a wonderful presentation of yourself and your ideas on opening night!     Avoid “Artspeak” at all costs—people … [Read more]

Featured Artist Marsha Chandler

Good to the Core

Enjoy the amazing realism in artist Marsha Chandler's portfolio, and be sure to visit her website to see more of her exquisite work.     My goal is to make every painting better than the last. I was once told that I should paint … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kate Vrijmoet

The rest is a faint echo

Enjoy the fascinating work of artist Kate Vrijmoet, who uses water as a visual, and visceral, part of her portfolio. Be sure to visit her website for more.     My paintings, social art and installations focus on the human body … [Read more]

Artists are Entrepreneurs


Photographer and guest blogger Pamela Viola shares her experience with the realities of being in business as an artist, including the hard work involved and the ultimate rewards.   I know. You’re an artist. All you want to do is be … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mauricio Paz Viola


Uruguayan artist Mauricio Paz Viola creates a bold and futuristic portfolio of abstract work. Visit his website for more work by this dynamic artist.     What are your goals? Similar to many artists, I aspire to be known for … [Read more]

Free Art Business Seminar at Artegon Orlando

Artegon Orlando Marketplace

Join me at Artegon in Orlando, Florida for a free seminar on July 29th and take a look at their new concept for artists to display and sell work.   The Business of Art: Turning Your Passion to Profits Artegon Orlando 5250 International … [Read more]

Featured Artist Zhanna Martin

Artist Zhanna Martin with ceramic sculpture "Bliss"

Enjoy the humorous ceramic work of featured artist Zhanna Martin, be sure to visit her website to find out more about her work.     I was born and raised in Novosibirsk, Russia….what Americans know as “Siberia”. When I was … [Read more]

Featured Artist Connie Pickering Stover

“Antelope Canyon”  fiber art, by Connie Pickering Stover

Fiber artist Connie Pickering Stover’s work is about preserving the ancient art of needlepoint and making it relevant to today’s collectors of contemporary abstract fiber art. See more of her vibrant portfolio by visiting her … [Read more]

Conversation with a Potter

Throwing a Pot

by Carolyn Edlund A fun and wide-ranging conversation shares thoughts on how artists can carve out a business model that works. Enjoy!   Potters Cast host Paul Blais contacted me recently for an interview to talk about how ceramic artists … [Read more]

Featured Artist Daggi Wallace

Looking Back

Daggi Wallace presents a wonderful portfolio of pastel portraiture. Enjoy her work and be sure to visit her website for more from this talented artist.     Focusing mainly on portraying the human condition and our connection to … [Read more]

What is Affordable Art?

Art Gallery

Guest blogger Mckenna Hallett shares an incredible story of selling fine art to a customer who thought it was out of her reach. It goes to prove that you cannot be the judge of what is “affordable.”   When I walked into work that day … [Read more]

Featured Artist L.J. Throstle


Enjoy the portfolio of artist L.J. Throstle, whose delightful artwork is created with spray paint, and mixed media. Visit her website to learn more about her.     I am a British artist living and working in Vancouver. I came to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Gaye White

My Best Dress

Australian artist  Gaye White creates lovely mixed media still life paintings. Enjoy her portfolio, and be sure to visit her website for more information.     Originally from Queensland, and now living in Sydney, I began my … [Read more]

How to Overcome Objections to the Sale of Your Art

Shopping for Art

by Carolyn Edlund Customers can be resistant, and they will have reasons not to buy art from you. Here’s how to deal with those objections.     First, understand the objections.   I’ll bet you know some of the reasons … [Read more]