Featured Artist Ilia Chidzey


Enjoy the colorful and distinctive style of Australian artist Ilia Chidzey's portfolio, and visit her website to see more of her work.     I have explored many ways to express myself. The challenge to project the forms and … [Read more]

Build Your Art Business Workshop

by Carolyn Edlund Join me in Washington, DC this coming January for a two-day intensive learning experience as The Arts Business Institute presents a workshop on the business of Art.     This annual business workshop, taking … [Read more]

Featured Artist Anne B. Schwartz

Via Positano

Painter Anne B. Schwartz presents her luminous portfolio and talks about sources of inspiration. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.     I am an abstract painter living in the Los Angeles area. Although I … [Read more]

The Lay of the Landscape

Landscape by Bernie Marks

Artists have always painted landscapes. Artsy Shark celebrates the diversity of styles, colors and ideas that our artist friends use in their own interpretations of this popular theme. .   Painter Dara Daniel offers this bright … [Read more]

Featured Artist Garry McMichael

Tap and Die

Enjoy the diverse portfolio of talented artist Garry McMichael, and visit his website to see more of his work.     Do I want my art to be painterly or realistic?  It's a conundrum I try to balance … [Read more]

Featured Artist Barbara Simmons

Tomorrow's Dreams

Photographer Barbara Simmons presents a portfolio filled with vibrant colors and textures. Visit her website to see more of her work.     As a young child, I could always be found wandering around with a camera in my hand.  Too … [Read more]

Everything Artists Need to Know about Email Marketing

Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for Artists

By Carolyn Edlund Want to bring customers and interested prospects to your art website again and again? Want to increase sales of your work? You need an email marketing program in your toolkit. The Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for … [Read more]

Featured Artist Estelle Vernon

Gold painted-shell brooch

Estelle Vernon creates a stunning collection of textured jewelry inspired by the natural world. Enjoy and visit her website to see more of her work.     My first exposure to jewelry making was during my senior year in high … [Read more]

10 Website Mistakes that Kill Your Art Sales

Lisa Goesling website

by Carolyn Edlund Looking to increase sales of your art? Then you are most likely trying to drive traffic to your website. But what happens then?     I frequently review artist websites and take a close look at the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mary McGill

Seven Deadly Sins

Ceramic artist Mary McGill presents her portfolio of sculptural works that each tell a story. Find out more about her work by visiting her website.     After being home raising three kids for many years, I decided to pursue a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rhanna Nyman


Fiber artist Rhanna Nyman builds complex images that make a dynamic statement. Visit her website to see more of her work.     “I thought it was a painting!” is a comment I often hear. However, my images are created from … [Read more]

Build Your Opportunities Through Commitment

Ripples on Pond

by Carolyn Edlund Your level of commitment to professionalism defines you as an artist, and it has a ripple effect on every part of your business.     It’s human nature. Things happen. Life can be hard. And second chances … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Sikie


Karen Sikie creates a clean, light body of work that delights the eye. Enjoy, and visit her website for more from this talented artist.     I am a self-taught artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. I am currently working in two … [Read more]

The Art of Color

A Bird in the Hand

Color inspires, excites and delights the eye. Enjoy this photo article as artist friends share their work and talk about the importance of color in their art.     Kim Minichiello presents her colorful subject matter, explaining, … [Read more]