Featured Artist Nicole Daniah Sidonie

“Man with Cigar” Acrylic on Canvas, 20” x 20” by artist Nicole Daniah Sidonie. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Toronto artist Nicole Daniah Sidonie focuses on the human form in her paintings, feeling empathy and familiarity with her subjects. View more of her expressive art by visiting her website.     The virtue of a painting lies in its … [Read more]

Upcoming Art Business Workshop in Ohio

Art Business Workshop, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, October, 2016

by Carolyn Edlund Please join me for this two day intensive workshop focused on the business of art, presented by The Arts Business Institute and Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.     The Thriving Artist Workshop will take place at … [Read more]

Featured Artist Michelle Hold

"Quietly Blossoming" Acrylic on Canvas, 120cm x 120cm by artist Michelle Hold. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Abstract artist Michelle Hold uses color and light to energize her style of painting. See more stunning artwork by visiting her website.     Art is my life and I love the infinite colorful world I live … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karin Alisa Houben

Kanagawa Koi Necklace by Karin Houben. See her artist feature at www.ArtsyShark.com

Karin Alisa Houben creates bead-woven, sculptural jewelry that draws attention to the diverse splendor and infinite detail of the natural world. See more of her work by visiting her website.     Frida Kahlo once said, “I paint … [Read more]

3 Things Your Collectors Need to Know

Customer shopping in an art gallery. Read about collectors at www.ArtsyShark.com

by Carolyn Edlund Potential customers need as much information about your art as possible to make a buying decision.     You’ve identified prospective collectors who have a genuine interest in your art. You will definitely want … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jeanette Fournier

“Between A Rock And Hard Place” Watercolor, 12” x 15"h by artist Jeanette Fournier. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Jeanette Fournier creates captivating watercolors and drawings of wildlife, bringing them to life with meticulous attention to detail. Enjoy more of her art by visiting her website.     I’ve been drawing and creating art … [Read more]

The Art of 3D Typography: An Interview with Noah Camp

"That's My Jam" 3D typography by Noah Camp. See more at www.ArtsyShark.com

by Carolyn Edlund I recently interviewed lettering expert and Instagram sensation Noah Camp, who is a 3D artist, illustrator, and typographer, about this fascinating and cutting-edge technique. Follow Noah on Instagram … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mark Flowers

"The Staining" 36" x 34" mixed media by Mark Flowers. See his feature at www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Mark Flowers uses fascinating imagery to create "visual poetry" that reflects his relationship with the world. Enjoy his compelling portfolio and visit his website to see more.     My name is Mark Flowers and I live just … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lynden Cowan

“Rattling Brook Falls” Oil on Canvas, 30" x 36"by artist Lynden Cowan. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Canadian artist Lynden Cowan’s oil paintings of rural landscapes and buildings invite you to step right into the image. Visit her website to see more of her artwork.     Each year, once school was released for the summer, I was … [Read more]

An Artist in Transition

"Eclipse" by artist Antar Dayal. Read his story at www.ArtsyShark.com

By Carolyn Edlund Times change, and selling art presents new challenges and new opportunities. Artist Antar Dayal shares an intriguing story of success, disaster and rising from the ashes.     Antar Dayal has always worked for … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dorothy Berry-Lound

“Through to the Groves Dusk” Photopainting, Various Sizes by artist Dorothy Berry-Lound. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Digital artist Dorothy Berry-Lound uses a technique called Photopainting. The result is mesmerizing and beautiful. Visit her website to see more of her artwork.     I don’t see things the same as other people; when I take a … [Read more]

What Motivates Your Collectors?

What Motivates Your Collectors? Read about it at www.ArtsyShark.com

by Carolyn Edlund People purchase art for different reasons. Why do they buy from you?     People always find a way to afford things that are very meaningful to them. As an artist, it's up to you to convey the meaning behind … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jeff Ferst

“The Good Life” Oil and Pastel on Canvas, 60” x 40” by artist Jeff Ferst. See his portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Drawing inspiration from the Arizona desert scenery, artist Jeff Ferst paints vibrant and textural landscapes, as well as whimsical and delightful deconstructed works in color. Visit his website to see more.     I am a colorist. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Anne Palmer

“Love Me Forever? Kaya” Scratchboard, 8” x 10” by artist Anne Palmer. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Anne Palmer’s detailed and captivating scratchboard art focuses on the natural world.  See more of her intriguing portfolio by visiting her website.     As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist. I was lucky … [Read more]