Featured Artist Candace Primack

“Symbiotic” Acrylic, Charcoal and Oil Stick, 30” x 40” by artist Candace Primack. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Candace Primack composes meditative and contemplative abstract paintings by using only a few monochromatic colors and simple markings. To view more of her artwork, please visit her website.     One of my earliest memories … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sally Walsh

“Australian Barn Owl” Watercolour, 21cm x 21cm by artist Sally Walsh. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Sillier Than Sally (aka Sally Walsh) has embraced the medium of watercolor with all its “unruliness” to create wonderfully fun, lively and colorful pieces of art. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.     Art for me is … [Read more]

Upcoming Webinar: Get Ready to Market Your Art

Get Ready to Market Your Art Webinar takes place June 21, 2016.

by Carolyn Edlund Ready to start marketing and selling your art or handmade work? Join me for this upcoming webinar on strategies to build your creative business.     Presented in cooperation with Great Commission Artists, this … [Read more]

Featured Artist Wendy Ives

Detail shot, "The Bees Knees" hand dyed felted painting / shawl

Fiber artist Wendy Ives shares her felting techniques, inspiration and whimsical designs. Enjoy and be sure to visit her website for more.     My art pieces are constructed with 100% organic wool. I begin each piece by dyeing the … [Read more]

Sell More of Your Art With Crowdfunding

A Crowdfunding Strategy to Sell Prints of Your Art

by guest blogger Andy Derrick To build a sustainable, full-time career creating your art you must work to diversify your streams of income. One of the most effective ways successful artists have done this is by selling reproduction prints of their … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ackeem Salmon

"Ahead" (Self-Portrait) Photography, Various Sizes by artist Ackeem Salmon. See his portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Ackeem Salmon’s dramatic use of black and white sets the stage for his powerful and deeply evocative photography. See more of his work by visiting his website.     My artwork is deeply influenced by my passion for theater, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Angela Brittain

"Faces in the Sun - Hands in the Dirt" Acrylic on Wood, 30cm x 30cm by artist Angela Brittain. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Angela Brittain’s canvases are filled with color, movement and joy, telling stories that relate to women. Visit her website to enjoy more of her paintings.     Inspiration for my paintings often involves issues that women … [Read more]

Call for Featured Artists, Summer 2016

Featured Artist Collage. Call for Artists open May 18-26, 2016 at www.ArtsyShark.com

Artsy Shark is searching for 48 new artists to feature and promote in the coming months. Artists are selected through a juried submission process, which is now open. Deadline is midnight Eastern time, May 26, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kevin Caron

“Knot Me” Powder-Coated Steel, 85" x 36" x 48" by artist Kevin Caron. See his portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Sculptor Kevin Caron embraces different technologies and techniques in creating his striking sculptures. Visit his website to see more of his fascinating art.     My artwork is the physical expression of my boundless curiosity. … [Read more]

Is Your Art Priced Correctly?

Is Your Art Priced Correctly? Or are you Losing Money? Tips on being profitable at www.ArtsyShark.com

by Carolyn Edlund Are you making money with your art? Or could you be losing out?     I recently spoke with a fine artist who indicated that he wasn't going to sell his art through galleries any more, and so he planned to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tracy Ellyn

“Seeds: In Memory of Steven Sotloff” Mixed Media on Metal and Plexi, 36” x 60" by artist Tracy Ellyn. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Tracy Ellyn uses symbolism, texture, storytelling, and life experience to create a thought-provoking collection of work. Please visit her website to see more of her work.     As an artist, I work in layer upon layer of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dorothy Ganek

“Giverny Colors” Acrylic on Canvas, 40” x 30” by artist Dorothy Ganek. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Artist Dorothy Ganek infuses her canvases with, color, form, shape and texture, drawing on her career as an interior designer. Please visit her website to see more.     I look forward to creating something new in my studio every … [Read more]

Collection Strategies for Artists

Dealing with Deadbeats? Read these Collection Strategies for Artists at www.ArtsyShark.com

by Carolyn Edlund Use these steps to collect from those who still owe you money for your art or services.     Got a problem with a deadbeat? They are the worst, aren't they? These are people who say they want to work with us, or … [Read more]

Featured Artist Eve Izzett

“Boo” Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 50cm x 50cm by artist Eve Izzett. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Australian artist Eve Izzett has always been drawn to color. Inspired by the bright colors of the tropics, she uses a bold palette in her animal portraits. Visit her website to see more.     Creating a painting can be very … [Read more]