Your Biggest Art Marketing Mistake


by Carolyn Edlund Has this happened to you?     You’ve met people who absolutely love your artwork. It might be at an exhibit or a fair, or perhaps at a social event when you share an image of your art on your smartphone. They … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kim Minichiello

Star Struck

The colorful, detailed and textural watercolors of artist Kim Minichiello highlight the many decorative and artistic aspects of the varied cultures she experience in her world travels. See more her paintings by visiting her … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jake Vandenbrink

Spirit Island Escape

Canadian artist Jake Vandenbrink's breathtaking landscapes transport the viewer into the grandeur and peacefulness of the beautiful North American scenery he paints. To see more of his work, please visit his website.     Artistic … [Read more]

Out-of-the-Box Art Marketing Ideas

Video in Booth

by Carolyn Edlund This article is part of an occasional series of conversations with my friend Ashwin Muthiah of Easely about selling art more effectively. This time we had more of a brainstorming session on how artists can get really creative about … [Read more]

Featured Artist Claudia Roulier

Nowhere To Run

Claudia Roulier's use of collage, pencil and thin layers of acrylic paint make her paintings seem to glow with an inner light. Please visit her website to see more of her work.     My goal remains the same as it's always … [Read more]

How to Balance Art & Life

"Working Mother" by Joyce Wynes

by Carolyn Edlund     Not long ago, I spoke with an artist who was in an intense planning and transition phase in her business. She had lots of work to do, both in her studio and home office. She needed long stretches of time … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ann Ranlett

Grassland Grace

Enjoy the wonderfully detailed and beautifully rendered scratchboard art of Ann Ranlett.  Her love for the animal subjects in her art is evident--they are imbued with personality and character.  To see more of Ann's artwork, please visit her … [Read more]

Featured Artist Peter Alessandria

A-Lined Freedom Tower

Peter Alessandria's stunningly beautiful photographs use color, perspective and composition to draw the viewer into the scene. Please visit his website to see more of his photography.     I studied economics in college and then … [Read more]

The Art of Bespoke

Bespoke Grand Travel Set

By Carolyn Edlund Why do buyers crave individually handmade, one-of-a-kind work?     There’s a big world out there full of people who shop at discount stores to buy “wall décor” and who purchase mass-produced disposable goods. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Edyta Salak


Enjoy the bold graphic colors and expressive lines and patterns of Edyta Salak's acrylic paintings.  To see more of her work, please visit her website.     I come from a long line of talented artistic women. My mother was a … [Read more]

Spring 2015 Art Business Workshops

San Francisco Sidebar 300

by Carolyn Edlund Want to launch or grow your creative small business? Learn how by attending our professional development programs for artists. Register now for these exciting workshop events!   These workshops are presented by The … [Read more]

Featured Artist Annette Randall

Well Deserved Rest

Annette Randall's amazingly meticulous and accurately rendered pencil drawings and oils of horses breathe life into their subjects. To see more of her art, please visit her website.     I’ve had a love affair with horses since I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Anne Moore

From the Ashes

Anne Moore creates beautiful abstract imagery through her multi-layered monotype prints, each one a unique piece of art. To see more of her portfolio, please visit her website.     I was an adult, with five kids and a part time … [Read more]

Partner with Your Galleries to Sell More Art

Private party at OA Gallery

by Carolyn Edlund Lisa Ober of OA Gallery in Kirkwood, Missouri has some creative ideas on ways that artists can work together with galleries to promote and sell.     OA Gallery has become known as one of their city’s best … [Read more]