Featured Artist Jo Ann Tomaselli

Go in Grace

Using her own backyard as the subject for a series of photographic images, Jo Ann Tomaselli captures the beauty of the same landscape on different days. To see more of her photography, please visit her website.     I am inspired … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brian Tisdall


Brian Tisdall lets his imagination take him on his journey as an artist, using various mediums and pursuing whichever theme inspires him.  To see more of his artwork, visit his website.     I was born in Tanzania where I lived … [Read more]

How a Hard Look at Business Changed an Artist’s Life

Carroll Swayze

by Carolyn Edlund Painter Carroll Swayze has a long and accomplished history as a successful artist and leader in the arts community. As an experiment, she studied the realities of running her small business. We spoke about her experience and the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carol Moore

Beautiful Afterlife

Printmaker Carol Moore draws on her love and close relationship with Nature to find the inspiration for her artwork. Please visit her website to see more of her beautiful artwork.     All of the paths that I traveled in my … [Read more]

Top 50 Art Fairs in the US, 2015

Old Town Art Fair

by guest blogger Connie Mettler What is America’s Best Art Fair? Anyone reading this is invested in the business of creating and selling art. Artists have opportunities to share their best shows, but who asks the art … [Read more]

Featured Artist Diane Sanborn

Benjamin's Garden

Diane Sanborn's abstract oil paintings use the art of pentimento to create layers of meaning and symbolism.  Visit her website to see more of her work.     I am a professional abstract oil painter who focuses on the unseen.  My … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carol Harrison

Window Dressing

The use of light and shadow in Carol Harrison's acrylic paintings create a sense of timelessness and make everyday objects and scenes transcend the commonplace.  To see more of her art, please visit her website.     When … [Read more]

Avoid these 7 Mistakes when Photographing Art

Out of Focus Photo

Guest blogger Garry McMichael explains common mistakes, and helps make photographing your 2D art with a digital camera easy.   With online galleries and social media as major sources for artists to promote and sell their art today, artists … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ashba Zulfiqar

She Is The Night

Enjoy the translucent, stylistic and emotional watercolor portraits of Ashba Zulfiqar. To see more of her expressive paintings, please visit her website.     I started creating art with devotion in 2009, during my senior year in … [Read more]

Art and the Struggle with Depression

I'll Run Till The Sun Goes Down by David Sandum

by Carolyn Edlund Swedish artist David Sandum has a compelling story to tell about overcoming depression through his creative work as an artist. I interviewed him about his journey and his newly published book.     AS:  Your new … [Read more]

Featured Artist Teshia


Teshia's acrylic paintings of the wildlife in Western North America are dynamic, brilliantly colored and inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors and wild animals she encounters in her day to day life. To see more of her artwork, please visit her … [Read more]

Featured Artist Nick Payne

In the Conservatory - First Center

Nick Payne's brilliant and detailed pastels are imbued with the artist's thoughts and energy; every leaf, stone, branch, etc. are defined with his artistic force. For more information about Nick Payne and his paintings, please visit his … [Read more]

Is Your Artist Statement Working for You?

Artist Statement Graphic

by Carolyn Edlund     Recently I spoke with a woman who told me how frustrated she was trying to write about herself as an artist. She said: “I’m not sure what to say. I know all about my art, but what do others need to know? I’m a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Norma Greenwood


Norma Greenwood's inspiration for her sensuous oil paintings of rumpled bed linens and pillows comes from her exploration of the nuances of light and how it changes the way we see everyday objects. For more of Norma's art, please visit her … [Read more]