Creative Rejuvenation

By Carolyn Edlund


Today I leave for a week’s vacation, away from computers, email and social media.

This is my creative rejuvenation.

While I’m away, I’m leaving you some links to past articles and interviews on Artsy Shark.

These are about inspiration, overcoming rejection and accepting yourself as an artist.

. . . for your creative rejuvenation!


Break Free From Worry/Interview with Karol Ward






Helping Artists Find Balance/Interview with Max Shapey





Explode the Myths and Build Your Art Muscle/Guest post by Aletta DeWal





How to Move Through Rejection/Interview with Cynthia Morris





Artists, Sensitivity and Confidence/Interview with Douglas Eby






Carolyn headshot 2

You’ll Never Make a Living as an Artist/Carolyn Edlund






How Being an Outsider Can Make You a Better Artist/Interview with David Couper






Am I an Artist?/Guest post by Judith Zausner




Your Creative Flow/Interview with Tory Hughes


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