Art Business Planning with a Reality Check

Artist advocate, strategist and educator Elizabeth Hulings talks about dreaming big, trusting yourself and staying balanced in your art business.

The Pain and Power of Tough Criticism

Have you ever received criticism that was hard to take, yet has made a major change in the way you approach your studio work?

My Disastrous First Art Show

My sales were slow. They dragged. Shoppers looked, and didn’t understand what to do with what I made.

Playing Up

For many people who have reached their goals and been blessed with success, gratification comes not through more conquest, but through helping others.

Avoid these 7 Mistakes when Photographing Art

Guest blogger Garry McMichael explains common mistakes, and helps make photographing art with a digital camera easy.

Critique and the Heart of the Artist

This was the very first time I began to sell my work and to develop a collection. It was the beginning.

Artists are Entrepreneurs

I spend at least 50% of my time researching new clients and opportunities, marketing and doing administrative work for my art business.

Give Yourself a Promotion

In my estimation, about 80% of artists are “in the pack” and struggling to break out

Artists, Do You Need an Agent?

There is a huge hunger (and confusion) among artists about how to sell their work. Would an agent be the solution?

Thriving as an Artist in Mid-Life

Rhonda Schaller, author of  Create Your Art Career shares wisdom for getting centered and creating a vision in mid-life.

Where in the World would You go to make Art?

Where in the world would YOU travel to make art? If you had no obligations, If you had enough money to live for six months, If you could travel anywhere that would inspire you, where would you go?

Evolution of a Greeting Card Line

From first concept through end sale, here is how one entrepreneur created a line of greeting cards.

Is Art School Worth the Money?

Art Schools top the list of institutions with the most deeply in-debt students.

Your “Aha Moment”

The “Aha” moment. That moment of clarity. A sudden realization, a point where everything clicks. It may change your life.