Wear Your Art

By Carolyn Edlund

Just for fun, imagine turning one of your paintings into a piece of wearable art. Now you can do it.


Artist Anne Gudrun in her "Daisy" dress with original painting


In today’s Print on Demand world, just about anything is possible. Get a t-shirt printed at Zazzle, or have your surface design printed on fabric on Spoonflower.

But over at the website Constrvct.com, you can create wearable art and get some amazing results. Calling themselves an “endless dream closet and open design studio” they offer anyone the opportunity to turn designs into custom garments that look a lot more like couture than “tee”.

Artist Anne Gudrun had several gorgeous dresses made on the site. She explains, “Last summer I was working on my Essence Art painting of red roses. Essence Art is a personalized painting that captures a person’s essence as a beautiful and sacred symbol. While I was painting I imagined myself wearing my art and I suddenly was inspired with the idea of making my painting into a dress.”


"Rose Dress" art by Anne Gudrun


“Creating my own Fashion Art becomes a natural way to further my creative expression and another way to bring art and beauty to people’s lives.  My vision was to have the dress as large as the actual painting to create a unique style that completely represented my art.”

At Constrvct, digital images are printed on cotton-silk fabric and sewn (in the U.S.) into a custom made garment for you. They offer tops, skirts and several styles of dresses to choose from, and will even send fabric swatches.

After uploading your design, you get a 3D look at the garment, which can be viewed from any angle. How would your art look as clothing? Find out with an easy upload of your image to see the results.

Future plans at Constvct include opening their site to artists to submit designs and receive royalties from sales.



  1. How exciting! I love the idea of one of my paintings on a dress. Thanks for sharing this! When things slow down . . . . think I will try it! Fun stuff.

  2. what a brilliant idea Constrvct.com came up with…just love it!

  3. Thanks for this info. I went to the site and just fell in love with it. I can hardly wait until I have the opportunity to use them.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. You look lovely. What a wonderful idea.

  5. Hi,

    What I read here is fantastic stuff
    It makes me wonder if there are any similar sites to print my artwork on dresses/skirts for royalties ?
    Here I can only have it printed for myself.
    I know, and I’m using Patternbank.com to create repetitive textile patterns , but what I honestly want to have is my arts to show up full-artwork on the clothing.


  6. James Blane says:

    Just a note saying that I’ve always wanted to take my designs to the next level, not knowing what that may be.
    Having my designs on clothing would be wonderful way to showcase my alternative view live.
    Please give me some direction…
    Jim Blane

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Great resources!!! Thanks so much! Signing in doesn’t work. Tried to get in touch with Constrvct.com and Mary from Continuum, and don’t get a reply…. Any idea about how I can hold of them resp. of Mary?
    Thanks so much!
    This is so exciting! I have orders for clothes with my art already, now just would love to figure out the ‘where’ and ‘how’…. What else is possible?
    Great Joy,

    • Bettina,

      Sorry you had this problem. I don’t actually have any information about their signin, or their status. Do they have a phone number?

  8. Hello Carolyn,
    There’s no phone number! Their website looks like an amazing source for what I’ve been asking to create! The possibility IS GREAT! And thanks so much for putting it out there! So, if THAT doesn’t work, what else is possible? Spoonflower is cool for printing on fabric. Yet, then the production of clothes would be on my end. I love the idea of having it created on demand, where we can order the sizes/shapes/designs! And, if nothing else, what would it take for me to find the people who could produce the clothes for me? If there are barriers, I LOVE to flow around them!

  9. Peggy Bonnington says:

    This sounds so super cool, but I cannot get signed up. Although I’m putting in a user name, my email and a couple of different attempts at a password, I get a blank screen with a little red rectangle at the top saying in white letters “something went wrong.” BUT no clue as to WHAT went wrong or what to do to make it better. In other words, I cannot use the site apparently, no matter how interested I might be.

  10. Andy Harding says:

    This looks a great idea would love my art on some clothing

  11. https://artofwhere.com/ Looks like the company that Anne Gudrun switched to. I just ordered my first sample piece from them. I’ve been testing out different companies for a while. http://www.jennacitrus.com

  12. Rochelle Wyndham-Johnson says:

    This truly something that I have looking for for years…I am interested in seeing how this works…thanks for starting something like this for us all to showcase our own wrks for us to wear instead of carrying around canvases and portfolios.

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