The Nature of Art

by Carolyn Edlund

The natural world provides an endless source of creativity. Artsy Shark celebrates the love of nature by sharing works by our artist friends, and their inspiration. Enjoy!



“Cherry” Mixed media, latex, packaging tape, oil paint, resin, 12″ x 12″


Lisa Aerin Collett offers this delightful mixed media work, saying, “While discovering my artistic process, my love of birds helped liberate me with simplicity so that I could discover what really lies beneath the surface of a complex life process.”


By Any Other Name

“By Any Other Name” Photography, 16″ x 24″


A single blossom makes a striking subject in this photo by Peter Alessandria. He says, “I seek out beauty in all the scenes I photograph, for beauty has the power to uplift and transform the viewer. A rose embodies beauty fully and completely.”


Fall Alpenglow

“Fall Alpenglow” Digital painting, 14″ x 10.5″


Sunlight catches fire in this scene by artist Pam Little, who muses “Sometimes inspiration is close at hand; this is the view out of my office/studio window.”


Three Pelicans Fishing

“Three Pelicans Fishing” Australian Chillagoe Marble, 66″ x 51″ x 47″


Australian sculptor Adriaan Vanderlugt frequently creates works of public art. “My passion for wildlife has inspired me to carve fish, animals and birds and this oversized sculpture of ‘Three Pelicans Fishing’ depicts three majestic birds working together for a meal,” he explains.


If I had a purple crayon ...

“If I had a purple crayon…” Photograph, 60″ x 40″


Color trumps all in this vibrant work from artist Chris Armytage, who says, “My images begin with the camera, then are often transformed in Photoshop, but whichever medium I am using my work is always inspired by the amazing colors of nature.”


Close Family

“Close Family” Watercolour on cold pressed paper, 12″ x 16″


Painter Christelle Grey captures the emotional side of nature in this stunning work. “Elephants are well known for their love and protection within their family groups,” she says,  “I tried to portray that love in this watercolour painting of a very close family.”


I Want to Dance

“I Want to Dance” Watercolour collage, 15″ x 22″


Seasonal changes are captured beautifully by artist Sheri Trepina, who recalls, “This artwork was triggered by childhood memories of a large grape arbor on our family ranch; the brilliant changing colours of the grape leaves in the fall, just before the frost.”



“Floribunda” Acrylic on canvas, 30″ diameter


“Inspired by a vision of a beautiful light-filled rose garden, I see personality and wonder in Nature, making my paintings of roses on circular canvases portrait-like and contemplative,” says artist Michelle Endersby, whose work with textiles has inspired her to explore the textural properties of her subjects.


Marsh Series III: Burrowing Owl

“Marsh Series III: Burrowing Owl” Limestone clay and acrylic on board with cold wax finish, 24″ x 24″


This charming work by artist Pamela Haunschild is part of a series, which was informed by a visit to a California marsh with almost no water due to drought. She says, “I hope to show the beauty of wetlands before they disappear.”


Vitally Important II

“Vitally Important II” paint and acrylics on linen, 100cm x 130cm


A riot of color splashes across the surface with abandon in this stunning painting by Laura Iosifescu, who says, “I specially use kgs of paint to allowed me not just to paint but to sculpture a natural alien world made out of paint, a portal to another world … ”




  1. love Sheri T. work!!!

  2. The different types of artwork are amazing. I love to see how people view the same world as you do and what they make of it. I plan to make myself known as an Artist. However, as one, I have different types of skills such as: Drawing and painting, of course, I am a musician I play congas at my church and other functions where my church goes. I also have years of experience of singing for over 17 years. Last but not least I am also an writer.

    The one thing that I loved about playing my congas is playing in a group of other drummers who comes with all kinds of drums and skills that you can learn from them. The one thing that made this whole thing was that we were asked to play at our local theatre for Black History it was awesome.

    When it comes to my art [drawing or painting] it is very relaxing to me. It’s like getting a massage so to speak.

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