Art & The City

Cities can be hectic, sometimes gritty, always bustling and exciting. These artists share their unique impressions of life downtown in this look at Urban Art.


24 Hour Paradise

“24 Hour Paradise” Mixed media, 22″ x 36″


A slice of city life is shared by Deanna Fainelli, who explains, “I use art to reflect and examine urban life and by combining original manipulated photos, paint and often paper, I am able to add details that help tell a story.”


Night Joy

“Night Joy” Acrylic on Canvas, 11″ x 14″


Painter Gretchen Smith shares her narrative “Night Joy,” saying, “It expresses all the exuberance of New Orleans, it’s a story; one about coming of age, loving life, and enjoying the moments in this little piece of that fantastic city.”


Downton Peekskill, New York

“Downtown Peekskill, New York” Watercolor, 18″ x 13″


This busy street scene is capture by Robert Havill, who states, “I like to paint things that have structure and hopefully create something interesting.”


Chicago and the El

“Chicago and the El” Photograph, sizes vary


This dramatic black and white shot of the inner city was captured by photographer Rick Pearson. He says, “The urban landscape can seem mostly jungle. The challenge is to make sense of it when your in the midst of it. The wonder of wanting to look in every window.”


Melbourne [what used to be[

“Melbourne [what used to be]” Mixed media, 18″ x 24″

A colorful look at a big city is offered by artist Sarah Wherry, who says, “”I wanted to explore the sociology of us, the way we continually overcrowd and deface the beautiful architecture in our cities and where we are headed as a species.”


The Six Reflections

“The Six Reflections” Photography, 45.75″x 48 “


Photographer Frances Hattier focuses on urban patterns in this very unusual piece. She shares, “This is a shot of a building located in the French Quarter. The reflections in each window occurred naturally.”


Night Owls

“Night Owls” Watercolor, 16″ x 20″


Lights set the city ablaze in this vibrant painting by Terrece Beesley. “I am drawn to the energy and movement of urban landscapes, and night scenes hold a particular fascination for me,” she explains.


Hard Times

“Hard Times” Photograph, sizes vary


Keith Russell snapped this vignette on a deserted corner. He says, “When I saw the graffiti on the tank, I knew I had to capture it. The face and the caption describe our experience as a city.”


NYC Traffic

“NYC Traffic” Mixed media on wood, 20″ x 16″


Artist Denise Buisman Pilger catches the pace of the city that never sleeps, explaining “I capture the urban landscape as only a traveler could, highlighting the often mundane, yet essential elements that make up the living, breathing and evolving ecosystem of a city.”


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  1. Hello Gretchen Smith and Frances Hattier, I really like your New Orleans paintings. I am fond of using acrylic and watercolor.

  2. I love Night Owls! Its so busy!

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