Artists at Work: Why Do You Create?

Artsy Shark presents artists at work in the studio or on location, doing what they love. We asked them, “Why do you create?”


Chris Brandley in the studio

Chris BrandleyI am inspired when the sun begins to set, and the lighting deepens to a rich, warm glow. Even the most mundane objects become the star of the show.

Brian Nelson in the studio

Bryan NelsonI have always had a love for wood. This love has driven me to explore the treasures that Mother Nature has hidden in the trees…

Christine OConnor in the studio

Christine O’ConnorHaving always been captivated by faces and figures, I like to create strong images capturing mood or personality by boldly moving the paint, passionate in my creative journey.

Diane Tessman in her studio

Diane Tessman: My hats are one of a kind, inspired by vintage wear. Many are repurposed from old sweaters, jackets, etc., and created with love and positive energy.

Gulnar Sacoor in gallery

Gulnar SacoorAfter my long and varied professional career, I decided to pursue a path in the art field doing what pleased me much and thus honoring who I am. Since then my training has been and is a ”work in progress”.

Susan Beallor-Snyder in her studio

Susan Beallor-SnyderMy manila rope sculptures are the physical manifestation of my emotions. I am inspired by my personal life as well as the world around me.

Alice Harrison in studio

Alice Harrison: Working in layers, technically, intellectually and spiritually I create images and sensations of movement, color, harmony and joy. Much of my work is inspired by the various materials I have collected, as well as by traditional materials in my studio.

Sarah Stokes in studio

Sarah StokesWhat inspires me? To communicate an open heart in its unique and intuitional way. It’s the joy of expressing myself through colour and mark making with a sense of playful adventure and discovery.

Linda Harrison Parsons on location

Linda Harrison-ParsonsMy work is inspired by nature, wildlife, and travel. Documenting those things that I see today but may be gone tomorrow.

Britta Dietsche in studio

Britta Dietsche: I am a Swiss artist and love working in my studio, collecting new motifs and ideas to create my collages. 

Anne Hartwell in studio

Anne HartwellCaring about people drives my need to create. When I create something of beauty with meaning for those grieving, it provides them opportunities for a constructively healthy, healing pathway.  

Garry McMichael

Garry McMichaelLess is more. I’m taking my art back to the basics,  creating simple still-lifes with the emphasis on values and a limited palette of grays and earth tones.

Monique Kendikian-Sarkessian painting en plein air

Monique Kendikian-SarkessianArtists translate our world via human experience and passions. I believe that art should transmit life to its viewer and it is my aim to create illuminating transcendent works.

Leanne Byrom painting en plein air

Leanne ByromI’m inspired to create art that engages and truly touches people, something that triggers an emotional response and a sense of “being there”.

Sheryl Hughes in studio

Sheryl HughesI spend hours at wetlands, zoos and scuba diving taking photos which inspire my paintings. I enjoy painting eyes that bring paintings to life as you look into the animal’s soul.

Deborah Webster in studio

Deborah WebsterThe colors in the Gulf of Mexico are my greatest inspiration. Teal, aqua, turquoise. Ten shades of blue and sky everywhere. Water patterns with translucent blues and greens are a testament to the beauty that surrounds me at water’s edge.

Elizabeth Weber in studio

Elizabeth WeberI paint how my Heart experiences the world, and those experiences leave marks. These emotional footprints are like color postcards collected by my Soul. I paint the postcard left behind.

Rod Seeley at the computer

Rod SeeleyI’m inspired to create “Stylized Digital Fractal” art because it is unique and you never no know what the end result is going to be until it “Wows You”!

Paige Hirsch in studio

Paige HirschI am a mixed-media artist.  I love paper and try to incorporate it into at least 90% of all of my mixed-media paintings and collages.  It lets me achieve a look that I cannot create by paint alone. 

Rachel Biggs in studio

Rachel BiggsI don’t know if it really counts as a technique exactly, but I try to create art that makes people happy when they see it. That’s my goal. 🙂

Heather Burns in studio

Heather BurnsI like to use free expressive gestural marks in my painting taking nature, colour, light and narrative as starting points. Collaborative work with other artists and poets also features strongly.

Katie MacMahon in studio

Katie MacMahonI use bold colors because color impacts the nervous system directly, offering viewers a way to connect emotionally with my work as well as intellectually.

Lorraine Brown in studio

Lorraine BrownI love to share life’s moments and treasures through painting in watercolour. The medium’s ability to create unique and unexpected results with risks and surprises is a never ending inspiration.

Lucinda Leveille in studio

Lucinda LeveilleThere is nothing more exciting in this world than having a blank canvas inviting me to fill it with something wonderful.

Pam Little in studio

Pam LittleI am attracted to the light in a landscape, whether the alpenglow on the mountains outside our home, or the in vistas of Yellowstone National Park.

Vicky Martin

Vickie MartinI love making art in the studio with my trusty blowtorch and gunpowder at the ready for some texture.

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  1. Nice post! Looking good, Bryan! 🙂

  2. why so many 2-D artists need more 3-D…..
    I want to be next:):):):):)
    Houston tx

  3. It brings me joy to learn what inspires others to create. It’s refreshing to see people doing what they love.


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