Artist Stories

by Carolyn Edlund

One of the wonderful things that artists have to offer is a compelling story to share. These three artist stories have been put into virtual book form using the Steller smartphone app.


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Lou Carvello

I’m a big believer in stories. Stories are how we understand the world, and each other. They capture the imagination and speak to us in a very elemental way. Artists who speak about their work through a story that delights or fascinates are more memorable to their audience.

What makes a great story? A concept that people relate to, and care about. A process which is intriguing and draws the viewer in. And excellent images of your work that give professional presentation. Steller makes it easy to create a short story using text, imagery and videos. It can be shared widely on social media, embedded on your website, or sent to your email list.

Take a look at the impact these artists make through sharing their stories:


Artist Lou Carvell Steller Story


Artist Lou Carvell combines a love for vintage autos with digital landscapes, taking the viewer on a wild ride. Click this link to read his artist story.


Artist Mia Baila Steller Story


Mia Baila

Painter Mia Baila travels to Alaska each year to document changes in the glaciers there. She shares a compelling look at the effects of climate change. See her story by clicking this link.


Artist Joe Hobbs Steller Story


Joe Hobbs

Glassblower Joe Hobbs creates tiny environments in each piece that reflect his inspiration from the ocean, and even outer space. Don’t miss his artist story – click here to view.

Do you have a story to tell? Have you shared your concept, your process and your images in a creative way?


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  1. These stories have inspired me to do my own!!

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