Video Marketing & Artists: A Match Made in Heaven

by guest blogger Catherine Stratton

Video marketing is, hands down, the most effective way for artists like you to get the attention you deserve.

Just like your work, video engages the senses. Since it’s a visual medium, it gives you the opportunity to show rather than tell others what you do. Remember the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, apply this sentiment to video and you get, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a thousand words, 24 frames per second.”


Catherine Stratton at work on a video shoot. Artist videos help introduce you to collectors. Read more at

Catherine Stratton at work on a video shoot.


So, what are some of the reasons video marketing needs to become a necessary tool in every artist’s marketing arsenal? First, there are the proven advantages it has over text and images. These include attracting exponentially more online traffic, producing higher conversion and click through rates. And, it increases user engagement and brand awareness. Video is also a perfect medium for showing your expertise. For artists like you, it gives the opportunity to show the results of your passion and the process you use to reach those results.

However, before you run out and make a video, you need a plan. And, before you make that plan, you need to decide which type of video to make. That’s because different types of videos serve different purposes. It’s important for to understand.  You should be clear on which type of video will get the best results within your overall online marketing strategy.


Artist Russell Christian had a video made about his work that includes different steps in his process. Read about artist videos at

Artist Russell Christian’s video shares his vision and shows him at work in the studio.


I like to break down videos into two subsets:  Look at Me videos and Tell Me More videos. The former are the true marketing videos because they are designed to attract attention. To be successful, they must grab viewers right away both emotionally and visually. They produce a positive and unforgettable “first impression” and propel viewers to share it on other online venues. In other words, Look at Me videos prompt viewers to want to find out more about you and your work.

And, Tell me More videos do exactly that. They provide details and additional information. Examples include tutorials, interviews, testimonials, new work or installations, gallery events, etc. They aren’t meant to be used as marketing tools for attracting new clients. What they do best is help you retain and nurture relationships with those who are already interested in you and your work.

So what type of video is best for you? The first video any emerging or established artist needs to produce is a Look at Me marketing video. It’s the best investment you can make whether you are just starting out or seeking to kickstart your career.

What should this video look like? First, it must “show” not “tell.” It must illustrate what comes of your passion, i.e., your story. People want to know why you do what you do and your video must show what evolves from that. It must be unique, like you are, and provide viewers with the opportunity to step into your world for a few minutes and to feel what it’s like to be there. It must help them get to know you and witness your shared humanity. And, if they feel something, they are much more likely to want to find out more about you and your work.



Above is an example of a 3 minute marketing video produced for the fine artist, Russell Christian. Take a few minutes to enter his world. Then think about how you too can use video to bring others into your own unique, creative world in order to elicit their attention and interest in you and your art.


CStratton Head Shot smallerCatherine Stratton is an award-winning filmmaker and owner of Stratton Films, a Hoboken, N.J. based production company specializing in online marketing videos for artists and creative entrepreneurs in order to help them build their businesses and get the attention they deserve. Her videos have been commissioned by the online marketplace, Etsy and her Independent work has screened at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Catherine lives a happy life with two awesome kids, a slightly neurotic dog and a great view of New York City.

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