Artists & Their Work

We asked some artist friends, “What is your creative work about? What is the concept behind it?”


Artist Justine Reichman


Justine Reichman

Moving away from the traditional, my photography permits a private, almost sacred view into myself and my subjects. Hailing from a diverse artistic background, I strive to expose my subject’s unseen beauty, with the goal of connecting art and artist, canvas and viewer, in an experience that carries far beyond that of the canvas.


Artist Paulo Guimaraes


Paulo Guimaraes

Painting is my therapist, and I am a willing patient. Dealing with depression/anxiety is hard without an outlet to purge my darkness. Abstract art is the result, and each work takes a little of me with it for all to share.


Artist Alix Edwards


Alix Edwards

I specialise in vibrant abstract painting and fine art photography having completed my MA in Photography at Central Saint Martins. My current work ‘Bodyflow’, ’29’ and ‘Foetus flowers’ explores statistics and how to put the emotion back into medical imaging.


Artist Tom Oliver


Tom Oliver

My landscapes reveal beautiful structures from past generations that survive in the midst of a present world that demands new structures without a past.


Artist Gen Farrell


Gen Farrell

My images come from the people and the horses I know. I work primarily in oils and I love to tell a story.


Artist Ingemar Hardelin


Ingemar Härdelin

If you open your eyes and zoom in to the patterns and formations which are everywhere around you in nature, you will meet fantastic works of art. That’s my inspiration.


Artist Neena Buxani


Neena Buxani

The world is a coloring book… she often screams at me to paint her the most intense and vibrant that I possibly can.


Artist Karma Kitaj


Karma Kitaj

Encaustic and mixed media/found objects touch my imagination. The materials give me freedom to express myself using the human form and abstract images from nature and my fantasy life.


Artist John Wendling


John Wendling

I am inspired by nature’s creations and the inner spirit of the human figure. Through oils, my works to bring thoughtful emotion to the viewer so they can connect with their inner self.


Artist Valentina Olsen


Valentina Makra Olsen

I can artistically express myself in many ways, but I prefer icons. Icons are a manifestation that bring joy to the sight and elevate the spirit to the unknown.


Artist Thomas Blood


Thomas Blood

The influence of Magritte is evident in my work, painting things that often simply cannot be. I love conceptual paintings that are often plays on words, simply and colorfully delivered.


Artist Sheryl Benjy


Sheryl Benjy

Inspiration comes to me in many forms; people, the ocean, a flower. I just translate what Mother Nature is saying to me through art. I usually do mixed media, especially with handmade paper as my background.


Artist Kim Gifford


Kim Gifford

I create “hand-worked stories” in digital collages using photographs coupled with embroidery, hand-drawing and embellishments. My whimsical images focus on fairytale, transformation and the amorphous border between childhood and adulthood.


Artist Marie Godwin


Marie Godwin

I am inspired by the simplest things in nature; food gardens, flowers, trees, and insects. I use paint to translate the spiritual feeling that nature gifts to me.





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