A Celebration of Color

We invited some artist friends to share their colorful and inspired work. Enjoy, and click on each name to visit their websites.


Artwork by Frank Stapleton


Frank Stapleton

I like colorful art that engages the imagination, attracts attention, and leaves room for interpretation.


Artwork by Angela Mahoney


Angela Mahoney

I am drawn to weathered objects and peeling paint with my photography. The layers of texture and vibrancy of color appropriately earned this piece the title of “Rustic Dreams”.


Artwork by March Brennan


Marcy Brennan

Color, texture, and layers of unpredictability is what working in oil and cold wax produces.  There is mystery in this process and the resulting work, like this abstracted coral reef.


Artwork by Cecelia Feld


Cecelia Feld

My mixed media acrylic paintings are about exploring the relationships of textures, colors, lines and shapes in the world around us in an abstract way.


Artwork by Dominique McKenzie


Dominique McKenzie

Whatever mediums are necessary to express my feelings are used on my paintings – acrylics, gesso, inks, pastels. I use lots of texture for effect, but a limited palette with strong values to convey the mood and illustrate my idea and my emotions. I want people to feel what I am saying.


Artwork by Don Wunderlee


Don Wunderlee

The colors I select can be vibrant or subdued; it depends on the mood I’m in during the process of painting. Color is a vehicle for non-verbal communication.


 Artwork by Holly Miller


Holly Miller

Love of color is what led me to first pick up a paintbrush. I paint intuitively, fearlessly and always joyfully exploring new color combinations inspired by nature, city reflections and, my imagination.


Artwork by Mary Zeran


Mary Zeran

I like my color loud and proud. Nothing expresses emotion like bright, raw, visceral, color. It fuels my process. Color is the thing that keeps me painting day after day.


Artwork by Kelly Crosby


Kelly Crosby

My mixed media piece, “Afro-Abstraction No 4” is an explosion of color. I used various patterns and different mediums to create a vibrant, colorful piece of art.


Artwork by Lauren Acton


Lauren Acton

Color is emotive whether it be a figure or landscape… Color is energy, and I paint how I feel when viewing my subject. I like unique color arrangements one may not use.


Artwork by Neena Buxani


Neena Buxani

Color is my muse. When I create, I paint what inspires me, so that my paintings may inspire others.


Artwork by Lea Fisher


Lea Fisher 

My artwork integrates rich layers of paint in vivid and elegant color palettes to create dramatic compositions that captivate the eye and evoke a sense of adventure.


Artwork by Sophia Sabsowitz


Sophia Sabsowitz

Through abundant layers and textures, my emotions corporealize themselves onto canvas creating a psychedelic kaleidoscope of colors and dream-like abstract forms.


Artwork by Lesley Frenz


Lesley Frenz 

I am seeking to capture the feeling not just of a place, but of a moment. I use color to create a sense of the mystery and atmosphere in wild places.


Cobalt Meteor Earrings by Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry


Tawny Reynolds

I love the vibrant, sparkling colors of translucent glass glowing in the light.  I use recycled bottles and stained glass, all melted with sunshine and a giant magnifying glass, to create elegant, eye-catching art jewelry.



Artwork by Theresa Jarzynski


Teresa Jarzynski 

The use of color is the base for all my paintings. The challenge is finding the perfect balance of light and dark, subtle and saturated.


Artwork by Yolanda van der Lelij


Yolanda van der Lelij

I was inspired by some Dutch magazines with flowers, and my recent trip to the Netherlands where I visited the Mauritshuis in the Hague, a museum filled with art from 1600’s  and 1700’s.


Artwork by Priscilla Daniels


Priscilla Daniels

My work is inspired by ability to create oneself once again by salvaging all of the good from experiences, and creating something new.


Artwork by Lieve Gabriel


Lieve Gabriel

I want to capture Light and lock it inside my work. My canvases are neat, no evident brush strokes; the paint is applied smoothly, layers upon layers.


Artwork by Sarah Fowlis


Sarah Fowlis 

Growing up in vibrant South Africa I have always loved rich bold colours, florals, patterns and nature. Combine it all, and my magic is created!




  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work. I’m thrilled!!!

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  4. Such wonderful works on display. Thank you for including me!

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  7. This display of artwork is absolutely beautiful, creative, and inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing their amazing art work.

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  9. Amazing diverse pallet of artist’s work.

  10. I love seeing the collective talents of artists worldwide. It’s a joy to come to this site and take in the vibe from all of you. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

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