Art & Women

Feminine subjects have always been a major focus of art. We invited some artist friends to share work that celebrates women, as well as their inspiration and message. Click on each artist’s name to visit their website.


Artwork by Anya Getter, in the article "Art & Women" at


Anya Getter

My mixed media acrylic paintings are all about color and whimsy, and I often use the images of women to express my feelings.


Artwork by Ashley Epping, in the article "Art & Women" at


Ashley Epping

I want people to view the women in my paintings as more than pretty images, because that is more than what these women are. I want the women out there to understand that, I see you, and I support you.


Artwork by Gioia Albano, in the article "Art & Women" at


Gioia Albano

Women have always been my main inspiration: the body’s beauty and shape, the inner strength, the capacity to mothering, the life’s seasons in woman’s life. The fascination is just endless and I find more and more reasons to paint them.


Artwork by Isolde Sarnecki, in the article "Art & Women" at


Isolde Sarnecki

My aim is to paint portraits that reveal the dignity in my subject’s inner nature, to create beautiful brushstrokes, and to capture the effects of light as it falls upon the scene.


Artwork by Pete Davies, in the article "Art & Women" at


Pete Davies

This is what super model Twiggy and husband said recently, “When first  viewed your paintings and composition, colour palette and ability to capture that particular moment in time was immediately captivated and impressed us enormously.”


Artwork by Sarah Albisser, in the article "Art & Women" at


Sarah Albisser

My artwork is inspired by strong female characters. Woman who are original, have a powerful presence and are inspiring to others.


Artwork by Cindy Sullivan, in the article "Art & Women" at


Cindy Sullivan

My folk art paintings capture memorable characters that colored my world from the 60’s and 70’s. I hope they help you to conjure up a warm afternoon of your youth.


Artwork by Melissa Cole, in the article "Art & Women" at


Melissa Cole

Having had the opportunity to dive with amazing creatures and experience cultures across the globe has inspired my richly colored, textured, and patterned mixed media paintings and sculptures of flora, fauna and female figures.


Artwork by Barbara Ferrier, in the article "Art & Women" at


Barbara Ferrier

I invite you to enter the world I create through my paintings. I use symbolism and color to create timeless portraits of women.  My work spans the divide between fiction and non-fiction.


Artwork by Isabella Karolewicz, in the article "Art & Women" at


Isabella Karolewicz

Life is full of beautiful moments. It is those images and emotions that drive me to capture and introduce that “subtle beauty” into all of my paintings.


Artwork by Robin Okun, in the article "Art & Women" at


Robin Okun

I paint women of all shapes and sizes with evocative color to challenge perceptions of body beautiful.


Artwork by Pam Gassman, in the article "Art & Women" at


Pam Gassman

I sew the clothes, pose my models and produce a portrait to honor all the forgotten women in history. I have several in my series and am making more.


Artwork by Lolly Owens, in the article "Art & Women" at


Lolly Owens

Marlo Thomas once starred in a TV series called “That Girl” and it is the inspiration for this series. She was a struggling actress in New York City and faced work challenges plus an interested boyfriend and curious father.


Artwork by Vallenssia Snjezana Blagsic, in the article "Art & Woman" at


Vallenssia Snjezana Blagsic

What I really wish is that observers stop by the painting and allow themselves to take some time and try to understand the emotions of the painting. The crackles represent the well-kept emotions emerging.


Artwork by Sheila Fein, in the article "Art & Woman" at


Sheila Fein

I believe all woman are beautiful. I love the feel of pastels on pastel paper and the storybook outcome of a finished portrait. Creating someone’s likeness is a two-way gift.



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  1. Honored to be included in this group of artists who paint the spirit and bodies of women in all their colorful, complex, and captivating ways.

  2. Some wonderful artwork and moving statements by the artists about the motivation behind their work.

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