Art and the Animal World

We invited some artist friends to share their observations and mediums, resulting in a fantastic display of many different animals, both wild and domestic. Click each artist’s name to see their website portfolio.


dbJR - "Red Owl" Photography, Various Sizes



This image is part of my “Rescued Series”.  This beautiful bird is a natural. Everywhere I went this owl posed.  She wanted her picture taken. Look closely at the picture and you will see the twinkle in her eye. This piece won The Macy’s People Choice award at ARTPOP in Magnetic Galleries.


Pete Davies - Reaching the Moon 12 x 16 Oil on canvas


Pete Davies

“Reaching the Moon” reflects the human condition, with the Jack Russell puppy trying to reach what he thinks is obtainable even though it will always be out of his grasp. But he still tries.


Dina Dargo - "Horse Calling Crow" Acrylic


Dina D’argo

Art is my way to convey a meaningful connection to animals on a deeper level. I hope to visually evoke a sense of empathy, honor, and oneness with the beautiful creatures who share our earth.


Susan Klinger - "Secrets" Pastel, 13" x 14.5"


Susan Klinger

I believe that the animal world is far more intelligent than humans appreciate. This simple interaction between two monkeys reminded me of whispering in another’s ear. “Secrets” demonstrates the relationships animals form among themselves.


Di White - "Hillary" Acrylic on Canvas, 76cm x 100cm


Di White

I have a bold and dynamic approach to my paintings. Bright colours and strong brush strokes excite me. I use acrylics in a very loose and vibrant way to produce my quirky animal paintings.


Thomas J. Herring - "Big Cats" Digital


Thomas J. Herring

I love capturing the majestic stature of the big cats. This digital rendering was done in Photoshop at 300 dpi.


Morgan Sheardown - Raining Cows Series, Mixed Media on Metal, 16" x 20"


Morgan Sheardown

This piece was featured for the first time at the Artist Project 2017. It has a graphic design hand etched into the metal. There are also a total of seven different layers giving the painting some serious depth. The piece literally pops out at you!


Fiona Purdy - "Portrait of Casper"


Fiona Purdy

I paint LOVE. Every pet portrait I create will forever conjure treasured memories of a furry family member. These paintings become a source of comfort long after a beloved animal has passed on.


Kip Kavallares - "Rhinos Running" Acrylic, 90cm x 60cm


Kip Kavallares

I use a loaded brush of vibrant multi-layered colours, and to each expressive brushstroke I add scrapes and marks with whatever tool comes to hand to create a vibrant, textured feel to each piece. It’s all about the colours!


Tsun Ming Chmielinski - "Yes, lunch!" Sumi-e


Tsun Ming Chmielinski

Small animals are a big part of my painting world. I paint with love and a sense of humor, while I imagine myself participating in their world and having fun doing whatever they are doing.


Ivan Jones - "Donkeys in Snow" Pastel


Ivan Jones

As a retired veterinary surgeon, I feel I can share my experience of the animal world by giving my paintings a three-dimensional effect, using layers of pastel and adding details not seen by others.


Jan Fagan - "High Tea"


Jan Fagan

My passion is creating art that invites the viewer to smile and invent their own stories. What better way to do that than with animals, real or imagined?



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  1. I am honored to be part of this showcase of animal art. What fabulous diversity in approach and technique!

  2. What a fantastic showing of the work of very talented animal artists! It’s such a compliment that I am included in this group. Thank you for featuring my portrait of Casper, a very sweet and happy dog, who is much loved by his owners.

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