How to Add Extra Links to Your Instagram Profile

by Carolyn Edlund

Instagram only allows one link, visible on your profile page. Here’s how to expand that link into a whole menu of options that help promote your art business.


How Linktree expands your Instagram profile. Read about it at


I recently came across two websites that help make the most of that single Instagram profile link by providing a larger selection of links for readers to choose from when they click it. So I created pages using each of these services to show how my Instagram profile looks when using them, and what you can expect if you give them a try.

I opened an account at Linktree and placed their custom link in my profile as shown (above left). On the right, you can see that I chose to link to my business articles category page, my business consultation page, featured artists, how to become a featured artist, a subscription link to my twice-monthly emails, and social media links. It was incredibly easy, only taking about two minutes to set up.

Linktree offers several color options for your menu, and it’s simple to rearrange the order of links you create. Send readers to see different collections in your portfolio, shop at your online store, read your blog, or any other online destination of your choice. The basic option on Linktree is free to use, but if you choose their Pro plan for $6.00 per month, you can customize the background to suit your taste, and get extra features, too.


Expand your Instagram profile with Linkin. Read about it at


Another site that enables you to add links to every Instagram post is Link in Profile. This service gives you a 30-day free trial, and then costs $9.99 monthly to maintain. I opened an account, and placed the link created there on my Instagram profile (above left). That new profile link leads to a page that I customized by adding a link for each post in my stream that I chose to include (above right).

After you create your customized page, it contains a scrollable list of each image you choose, with a caption, description and corresponding link. This could be perfect for leading fans to your newest artwork, blog posts, shopping pages on your website, or even affiliate links if you like. And with your Instagram post images shown in the customized page stream, it’s quite appealing to readers, inviting them to click and learn more about you.

Each of these sites offers useful ways to make the most of your presence on Instagram, by taking different approaches. Just remember remind followers to click the link in your profile whenever you post a new photo on the social media site.


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  1. You guys should check out too, it’s a cool free alternative.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Hi Carolyn,
    that is great read! Thank you for sharing, I have been using for a long time and it has more advanced features, let me know if you will cover it too in the future

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