Through the Camera Lens

Through the lenses of their cameras, these artists create unique and fascinating visuals. From vibrant colors, 3-D imagery and abstracts to macro photography, each one tells a story. Click on the artist’s name to visit their website.


"Stairway to Heaven" Photography by Pestarino Roberto. To see his portfolio, please visit


Roberto Pestarino

I love to look at modern buildings and find new worlds.


Abstract Photograph by Paulo Renato Colombiano. See his portfolio by visiting


Paulo Renato Colombiano

Through the camera of my smartphone I create abstractions. These are photos with vivid colors, shapes and textures that come to life on canvas prints. It is abstract art made from the deconstruction of day to day things.


"Moody Michigan Morning" Photograph by Christopher L. Nelson. See his portfolio by visiting


Christopher L. Nelson

Through my landscapes I hope to capture the “essence” of that place so that the viewer can experience a little glimpse of its beauty without ever moving a foot.


Photograph by Tobe Roberts. See his portfolio by visiting


Tobe Roberts

Through the camera lens, I always gravitate toward vibrant color, two people to tell my story, and nature. My work is all about fun, serenity, and experimentation of painterly techniques to enhance the mood.


"Conception of Color and Cosmos" Photograph by Katie Fleming. See her portfolio by visiting


Katie Fleming

To say I am enchanted by color, a variety of texture and experimentation is an understatement. Additionally, I love traveling deep within through macro photography and back out into the larger sphere, capturing the beauty of existence.


"The Painted Hills" Photograph by Tom Kostes. See his portfolio by visiting


Tom Kostes

This is an image of the Painted Hills, captured at sunset, located in Eastern Oregon, near the town of Mitchell which is practically a ghost town. I feel fortunate to have captured such a lovely image.


"Envoyer" Photograph by Pierre Pepin. See his portfolio by visiting


Pierre Pepin

I sculpt and paint through the lens of my camera, exploring and using the spectrum of light to create 3-D images. I attempt to imbue the visual with my personal feelings, emotions and my fascination with what I see.


Photograph by Ana V Ramirez. See her portfolio by visiting


Ana V. Ramirez

My photography is about sharing details that might otherwise go unnoticed. It’s about slowing down and taking a moment to be fully present.


"Colorinsky" Photograph by Alika Kumar. See her portfolio by visiting


Alika Kumar

My mission as an artist is to gather world colors. The series of digital art I have created all began as images captured on my camera during my travels, manipulated until they became abstracted beyond recognition.


"Tentacles" Photograph by Lisa Waddell. See her portfolio by visiting


Lisa Waddell

I’m a fine art photographer who shoots with my iPhone camera to explore the variations and abstractions of reality. I hope viewers enjoy the whimsical side of my images as well as their simple beauty.


"Fastest February" Photograph by Kim Youdan. See her portfolio by visiting


Kim Youdan

I use monochrome photography as the foundation for my mixed media photography art. I respond to the black and white image using a limited colour palette in an abstract way inspired by the countries I explore.


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  1. Discovering sculpting and painting with light THROUGH MY CAMERA is a exiting development and research through light in motion. Surprising CONSTANTLY IS THE RESULT ans it’s always motivate to move on and be more creative in the future.

    There is a many ways to play with litht but my approach is unique by itself the way I manIpulate 3D translucide elements trough light and combine MY SCULPTURE to create a great image. Sculpting and Painting with light for me go through space time and dimension…The result is never the same….

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