For the Love of Pets

These artists all find passion in capturing the warmth and personality of our precious pets. Whether it be a frolicking dog, a composed cat or a majestic horse, the hearts and souls of the animals in these images shine forth. Learn more about each artist by clicking on their name.


"Picasso, Mon Chat" by Caryl Pomales. See her portfolio by visiting


Caryl Pomales

This is a portrait of my adopted calico cat, Picasso. This painting is my way of celebrating how grateful I am to have Picasso in my life. I am a supporter and activist for the humane treatment of animals, and love to paint cat faces for my audience and collectors to enjoy. A portion of the proceeds from my cat portraits is donated to animals in need through animal shelters or affiliated organizations.


"Seriously" by Patrice A. Federspiel. See her portfolio by visiting


Patrice A. Federspiel

Pets, our treasured fur family, carry their love for us in their hearts and it shines out through their eyes. I paint commissioned pet portraits in either traditional or Hawaiian-style rainbow colors, to keep alive the love we share with the pets who brighten our lives.


Bulldog portrait by Jeannette Sirois. See her portfolio by visiting


Jeannette Sirois

I love all animals and being an animal artist is my way of sharing this passion with others. Creating pet and wildlife portraits through commissions gives me an opportunity to connect with other animal enthusiasts who are looking for a gift or memorable piece of artwork for themselves or someone special in their lives.


"Old Red" by Chanelle Zimmer. See her portfolio by visiting


Chanelle Zimmer

My inspiration comes from my love of animals in general, and horses in particular. They don’t hide their emotions and I try to capture that expressiveness in my paintings for the viewer to experience in their own way.


Dog Portrait by LeeAnn Ramey. See her portfolio by visiting


LeeAnn Ramey

Almost everyone in Bozeman is crazy about their dog, including me! I love painting them because the dog owners get so excited—like they are commissioning a portrait of their favorite child.


"Portrait of Boston" by Fiona Purdy. See her portfolio by visiting


Fiona Purdy

“Portrait of Boston” is acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. Everything that appears in the border has a meaning to Boston’s owner, including the color of the border and the particular plant. The two design elements at the top and the bottom (in the shadow) are a couple of the dog’s toys—a robot and a squirrel. The borders are my trademark and are very popular with my clients.


"Stop It" by Linda Mitchell. See her portfolio by visiting


Linda Mitchell

“Stop It” is a painting of my beloved dog, Pucci. It is mixed media and acrylic on wood. This painting is an entreaty to the world to stop damaging our fragile and beautiful earth.


"Family of Five" by Anne Walsh. See her portfolio by visiting


Anne Walsh

Capturing the personality of each pet in a portrait painting is so rewarding. I like to use oils or pastels for my pet portraits. I enjoy collaborating with my clients to create a memorable piece of artwork.


"Frisbee Retriever" by Debbie Hughbanks. See her portfolio by visiting


Debbie Hughbanks

I feel that animals are an extremely important part of our existence and should be treasured and celebrated. That is what I attempt to do through my art. I love to create pet portraits that will hopefully become a lasting and cherished memory of my client’s animal friend.


Artwork by Gloria Chadwick


Gloria Chadwick

I’m happy to do commissions and I love the unusual pets. Be they happy pot belly pigs, equine, bovine, poultry, rodents, skunks, reptiles and others that fill a need in all of us to share our world with these special unique friends.


"Bailey" by Rachelle Albright. See her portfolio by visiting


Rachelle Albright

I am a custom pet portrait artist based in Denver, Colorado. My artwork captures the personality of the animal, its distinctive colors and textures and its emotion in photorealistic detail. All portraits are commissioned, so each piece is unique and personal.


"St. Francis" by Sue Betanzos. See her portfolio by visiting


Sue Betanzos

My St. Francis art is a whimsical stylized interpretation of pets with their local flora and fauna. Although its design is more labor intensive, it is cheerful and colorful and has a general appeal.


"Boxer and Mix" by Susan Pepe. See her portfolio by visiting


Susan Pepe

Because my own dogs have always been so precious to me, I felt compelled to paint them. Friends and neighbors began asking if I could paint their furry friends as well, and mostly through word of mouth, I have begun creating pet portraits on commission!


"Please" by Adele Castillo. See her portfolio by visiting


Adele Castillo

Pets are a natural source of inspiration because their personalities are so distinctly different. I aim to capture what makes each unique while also portraying a recognizable moment with which animal lovers can connect.


"Lab Blog" by Kaz Turner. See her portfolio by visiting


Kaz Turner

As a professional wildlife artist I welcome commissions for pet portraits. My aim is to capture the spirit and beauty of the animals I paint, paying particular attention to the assiduous detail, their energy and form.


Cat Portrait by Dorothy Berry-Lound. See her portfolio by visiting


Dorothy Berry-Lound

I specialize in cats! I have a blog where I recently wrote a short story about three kittens which I illustrated with my work and I am about to become a guest blogger on Katzenworld, a renowned cat website and blog! Not to mention my new book “I Am Stevie Mouse” which is full of cat images.


"Dog Angel" by Cherie Burbach. See her portfolio by visiting


Cherie Burbach

I create whimsical, mixed media art with a positive, hopeful message. My dog’s faithful, unconditional love is the inspiration for this piece.


"Dog at the Table #3" by Meg Greene Malvasi. See her portfolio by visiting


Meg Greene Malvasi

I am a photographer that relies almost exclusively on mobile devices to take and process my photographs. My primary focus is in working with my dogs creating painterly type of portraits and mobile composites that include the dogs as part of the story. I have recently started doing pet portraits on commission.


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  1. Carolyn, Thank you so much for featuring my pet portrait painting of Boston. It’s quite an honor being included with all of the other fabulous portrait artists in this article! Cheers, Fiona Purdy

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