A Transformation from Addict to Artist

At 30 years old, having just finished a one year program for drug addiction, Peter Bragino made the decision to turn his life around and fully pursue his childhood dream of building his life as a professional artist. Here is his result.


Sample pages from Peter Bragino's book "I AM HUMAN"


Our greatest challenges are the fertile ground upon which we rise to meet our most inspired lives. – I AM HUMAN – Sketchbook of an Addict

I AM HUMAN is the sketchbook of an addict that went from destitute to professional artist by learning how to draw the human figure.

But it’s really much more than that.

It’s the visual proof that each of us has the power to move beyond our limitations and create the life we always imagined.


Sample pages from Peter Bragino's book "I AM HUMAN"


I’m publishing this book as a source of inspiration and a reminder of how important it is to follow our dreams. We should hold them very close to our heart, because they lead us to our most authentic selves.

No struggle can keep us down. No obstacle will block our path, no hardship shall break our spirit.

We’re rediscovering our birthright as creative human beings.


Peter Bragino in Studio

Author and Artist Peter Bragino


This book chronicles my journey to recover my life and my dream of becoming an artist. I encourage you to embrace this memoir as a reminder that achieving your dreams is possible. May it awaken and ignite the creative spirit that lives deep within your heart.

It seems far from normal to see an artist who is able to break through the starving artist paradigm. It pains me to see the struggle that the artistic community goes through to find pathways to success. Drawing the human figure can be one of the most difficult challenges that an artist will face in their pursuit to become a professional – but just like anything else in life, it’s an attainable skill.



It’s important for artists to see proof that the path which lies ahead is achievable. It’s also important to have insights from other artists who have walked the road ahead of you, especially when it comes to drawing the human form. This book offers a glimpse into the path that most aspiring artists seek.

Here’s the best part.

The message of this book is unique, because it’s a double barrel shot of overcoming limitations, struggle, and fear to achieve the illusive goal of self-realization and love. Facing down recovery and becoming a professional artist at the age of 30 is not the best place to start, but I’m proof that it’s possible.


Sample pages from "I AM HUMAN" by Peter Bragino


To someone younger than 30, that’s encouraging. To those later in life, it’s still a testament of what can be done at any age. People need this message of success. It’s a vital part of how we rise each day and tackle this thing called life.

I created this book to celebrate the journey of success in realizing a dream and the visual path in the chronological order that it took to get there. The story and the images are a testimony, and a record, of how a dream is built: slowly, consistently, and persistently. It also documents the self-talk that you’ll find throughout the pages that was instrumental in encouraging and teaching myself along the way. In the end, I created this book to show other people that dreams are possible.



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