Art Business Success: Design for Interiors

by Carolyn Edlund

Art can translate perfectly into different formats that enhance living environments. Each of these five artists approaches the marketplace for interior design products in their own unique way.


Veretta art and furnishings.

Detailed layers, textures and colors for interiors are hallmarks of the Veretta brand



With a background in fashion design and coming from a family tradition of entrepreneurism, Veretta Garrison Moeller took a business approach from the beginning when it came to the art she created. She describes herself as an “artrepreneur” who saw an opportunity in the market and filled it.

Her production studio uses the rich, textural designs she creates to make collections of furniture, accessories and wall décor. These are sold to business customers in the hospitality sector as well as to other corporate and high-end residential clients. Proudly acknowledging that she is a manufacturer, she credits the team she has put together for the success of her Veretta brand.

The artist says, “My art is intuitive and experimental, using different materials that have different purposes. My creative process is open to results of combining materials that are not traditionally mixed. This translates into a collage of unique colors and textures that beg to be touched and sensed by its viewers.”

A core component of Veretta’s business is working with interior designers to create whole environments. Beginning with art for the wall, they pull together elements such as color, texture and pattern in furnishings and fabrics to compose an entire room. This holistic approach allows her to step into a consultative role with her clients, making her a valuable partner in their projects.


Handmade lighting fixtures by John Garloff

John Garloff creates one of a kind and limited edition lighting options.



John Garloff runs JGarloffDesign, which specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition handmade lamps and lighting fixtures. With a background in the construction trades, Garloff has seen many interiors. He noticed that quite often homes and offices feature upscale furnishings and accessories, but use mass-produced lighting that doesn’t create the special atmosphere he knew was possible. “I want to add a splash of magic to a room,” he says.

Garloff began making his own line of bespoke and limited designs focusing on superior materials, the longevity of the finished piece, and the effect it would have on the interior space. “Each component I use has to have a certain feel and weight,” he says. “There is no scrimping on quality.”

His experience with fabrication enabled him to do the machining, cutting and shaping required to construct every lamp carefully by hand, with great attention to detail. Building a collection has been a learning curve, says Garloff. He’s found this new studio business to be extremely satisfying creatively, as it fulfills his vision of offering lighting with a pleasing aesthetic that illuminates interior spaces beautifully.


Functional and decorative ceramics by artist Danae Fasano Dehne

Danae Fasano Dehne creates ceramic collections for Home, Table and Garden



Ceramic artist Danae Faraso Dehne comes from an Italian family with a tradition of eating, celebrating and building strong relationships centered around the home. Originally a sculptor, her experience of living through the major renovation of a historic home in the San Diego area inspired her to create practical and meaningful functional ceramic work for her own family’s use. When they entertained, she got inquiries from appreciative guests who wanted to own similar pieces.

Dehne filled this demand through taking a new direction in her studio, designing collections that “encourage family feasts, conversation, the tranquility of a cup of tea, farm to table, community, a garden stroll, and memories.”

The artist explains, “My craftsmanship is meant to enhance the spirit, beauty, and domestic function of the kitchen, home, and garden. Clay brings balance to my connection to life which is influenced by nature and the environment, my belief in heritage and tradition, the arts and craft movement, and family relationships in the kitchen. I want my pottery to link people back to the heart of the home.”

Her work sells well during the San Diego Pottery Tour, a holiday season event where she opens her studio to the public. She also sells at craft shows in her local area, and through galleries in Southern California.


Mockup of artist Dawn Stratchko's artwork as bedding and rugs

Artist Dawn Stratchko is adapting her painted designs as textiles that can be used in interiors.


Textiles and Bedding

Massachusetts-based artist Dawn Stratchko draws inspiration from her New England lifestyle, flowers, beaches, and walks in the country. With a background in both publishing and retail fashion, she has combined her experience as a painter and pattern surface designer to develop collections for textiles. She learned to create repeat patterns for printing on textiles, and developed a portfolio for this use.

Her foray into licensing began by exhibiting at the SURTEX trade show in New York City earlier this year. She recalls, “I interacted with artists, buyers, manufacturers, and business owners from around the world. I was overcome with inspiration and met with many amazing people that helped to clarify my focus. I designed my booth displaying my painted flower designs, had samples of my fabric, and handed out portfolios of my designs. The most engagement, excitement and business prospects I received were from bedding and home interiors. This inspired me to continue in this direction.”

Moving into a dedicated art studio has been a major step in further focusing on designing for bedding and other fabrics for the home as she pursues this sales channel.


Artist Laura Leeder works in series that are directed towards the interior market

Artist Laura Leeder works in series and formats that are specifically marketed to enhance interiors.

Wall Decor

Canadian artist Laura Leeder has developed a collection of mixed media art for the wall that is currently sold online and has been well-received in gallery shows in her area. She offers floral, bird and teacup-themed designs in a standardized square format that are priced affordably and work well in sets. Purchases are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and a card that shares her inspiration and technique, which makes them appealing as gifts. She also sends a handwritten thank you in each shipment on a notecard that bears one of her designs.

Each of her works is created as a textured collage on stained wood that is ready to hang. Leeder describes her art as “whimsical and playful with an air of elegance” and adds, “A love of nature influences all of my artwork. My newest series of mixed media paintings opens the heart to the delight resulting from an intimate connection with the outdoors. Gardens, birds, and surrounding landscape are created through collage and techniques reminiscent of art deco and stained glass.”

Each piece offered for sale is a handmade original, but Leeder is considering the option to license her work in order to scale her small business. She is also working on reproductions to be offered on watercolor paper to convey the texture of the original.


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    • Thank you Allison. Artists have many options, and these business models can provide a lot of inspiration for others who want to sell what they make and are looking for markets.

  2. Thanks so much for inviting me to be one of the five artists featured in this “art for interiors” business article. I enjoyed reading how each of us approach our art and noted that we all take great pride in creating quality art that adds value and beauty to our home surroundings.

  3. Lovely to see Laura’s work featured here – she’s an outstanding artist whose work is a delight in any decor!

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