Featured Artist Marc Poisson

Oil painter Marc Poisson captures the dramatic beauty of Australian and South African landscapes. View more of his art by visiting his website.


Oil painting of the Sydney, Australia, harbour with ferries and a bridge in the background by Marc Poisson

“Sydney Harbour” Oil, 120cm x 91cm


From as early as I can remember I had an intense interest in the fine arts. I still remember how, at the age of about seven, I was drawing and painting flowers in the school playground. I also remember, as I entered my early teens, the excitement of painting my first oil paintings and using my tuck money for school to buy the latest colour paint tube from the art shop.


Oil painting of small planes on a Fraser Island beach by Marc Poisson

“Fraser Island Reflections” Oil, 122cm x 45cm


I also remember taking art lessons from an elderly British artist who inspired me to have more confidence in my own abilities.


Oil painting of a tree lined dirt road by Marc Poisson

“Long Walk” Oil, 46cm x 61cm


In my twenties I worked in an art gallery. What an experience that turned out to be! I became more familiar with good quality art and the fascinating artists who created them. This experience moved me to eventually paint full-time from my late twenties onward.


Oil painting of the view of Penrith Blue Mountains in Australia by Marc Poisson

“View to Penrith Blue Mountains” Oil, 91cm x 61cm


Now approaching the autumn of my life and having painted professionally for more than thirty-five years, I still find I get excited with the challenging prospect of new ideas and mediums, a new technique or a different approach to familiar scenes. I still feel the same thrill when observing how the prevailing light falls magically on a scene, illuminating its stunning beauty which always compels me to continually express this excitement in colourful impasto oil paint.


Oil painting of cows grazing in a field by Marc Poisson

“Grazing” Oil, 76cm x 51cm


Self-taught, working in the mediums of oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour, I have devoted myself to enhancing or honing my skills to portray the striking light effects on subject matter that moves me emotionally—to share what impresses me with others.


Oil painting of a storm approaching over a field by Marc Poisson

“Approaching Storm” Oil, 61cm x 46cm


To this end, I spend much time teaching, conducting workshops and producing tutorial videos on YouTube to assist others. In this way I can share the knowledge and experience I have built up over time.


Oil painting of the Sydney, Australia, harbor by Marc Poisson

“Sydney Harbour” Oil, 80cm x 40cm


Perfecting my art will take a lifetime, but I am determined to keep working at achieving the best that I can within the limitations of the pigments we use. How can we ever really emulate light?


Oil painting of a beach with small boats and figures by Marc Poisson

“Beached” Oil, 61cm x 46cm


But still, how I enjoy the satisfaction and thrill of applying harmonious, soft, creamy mixtures of impasto paint on canvas with a painting knife–finding the broken mixtures of pigment to aptly describe what I see in front of my easel. And then the joy of the final touches that bring the work to its completion.


Oil painting of a street in Pilgrim's Rest, South Africa, by Marc Poisson

“Pilgrim’s Rest” Oil, 76cm x 51cm


Additionally, I will also keep working at achieving a rendering that is more loose, impressionistic and more painterly, by loosening up my brush strokes even more. In this way I can focus on what is most important in my work.


Oil painting of The Gap in Sydney, Australia, by Marc Poisson

“The Gap” Oil, 23cm x 35.5cm


These thoughts motivate me constantly to the point that each morning as I wake, I am eager to embrace the joys and challenges of yet another day to express the beauty around me as an artist.

Yes, for me, the celebration of art is a celebration of life!


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