Artist Showcase Early Winter 2020

Using mediums ranging from pastel to collage, our showcase artists present their work and a passion for creating. Click on each artist’s name to learn more about them.


Pastel drawing of a white cow by Beth Lowell

“Ribbons” Pastel, 16″ x 12″ by Artist Beth Lowell


Beth Lowell

My work is about connection with nature and explores the unspoken human/animal bond.


Abstract mixed media painting by Denel Andreas

“Center Return” Mixed Media including UV Reactive and Phosphorescent Paint, 76cm x 56cm by Artist Denel Andreas


Denel Andreas

I see art as a tool for transformation. Abstract images become the medium of expression and a revolving colored light frame reveal hundreds of images. I create from a space called FluxxUashioN which feels illuminated.


Abstract digital image by Guadalupe Luceno Martinez

“Idanha a Velha”Digital Based on Photography, Printed on Canvas, 90cm x 120cm by Artist Guadalupe Luceño Martinez


Guadalupe Luceño Martínez

I consider myself a versatile artist. I’m always looking for new forms of expression, never copying myself, and inspired by recurring avenues for reflection—memory, mankind, nature and the universe.


Oil painting of a couple on the beach by Krzysztof Klusik

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 140cm x 100cm by Artist Krzysztof Klusik


Krzysztof Klusik

My goal is to paint what not everyone is capable of seeing. I deal with oil painting.


Acrylic painting of a Lynx by Danielle Powers

“Night Hunter” Acrylic with Copper Liquid Leafing, 40″ x 30″ by Artist Danielle Powers


Danielle Powers

My inspiration is to bring a new perspective to the western culture and rodeo industry that I grew up in. While respecting the traditional subject, I add a contemporary, modern and bold touch.


Mixed media abstract map of Providence, RI by Jennifer Carland

“Abstract Map of Providence, RI” Mixed Media on Paper, 14″ x 17″ by Artist Jennifer Carland


Jennifer Carland

I make abstract drawings of city street maps. I believe maps hold “invisible” information—they contain stories and memories that were created by the people who lived and visited there.


Photograph of a bunting bird by Jim E. Johnson

“Spring Rainbow” Photograph on Fine Art Paper, 8″ x 10″ by Artist Jim E. Johnson


Jim E. Johnson

Birds have been my passion since childhood. My photography is inspired by the natural beauty they have. I try to capture with a camera images that show my audience what they are missing in our natural world.


Patterned hand cut paper and acrylic paint by Despina Zografos

“Strolleroptera 4″ Hand Cut Paper and Acrylic on Paper and Foam Board, 23″ x 23” by Artist Despina Zografos


Despina Myriokefalitaki-Zografos

Using pictures of my shadow as well as the idea of the web I design intricate geometric motifs. Repetition, changes in shape and scale unveil abstract artworks in hand cut paper and acrylic on paper.


Abstract pastel landscape by Deborah Thornberry

“Blaze of Glory” Pastel, 9″ x 12″ by Artist Deborah Thornberry


Deborah Thornberry

The paintings become poetry as the composition reveals itself and the first marks are placed on the paper. I paint poems with soft strokes, with layered colors and with quiet sentiment.


Photograph of a cross silhouetted against the mountains by Luis Almeida

“Luke 24:6” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes by Artist Luis Almeida


Luis Almeida

I see God everywhere. He is my inspiration and my goal is to wow you as He wows me. I hope to pull you into my work, and evoke emotion while capturing life’s moments.


Abstract figurative painting of a woman by Maria Manda

“Crossroad” Oil, 28″ x 40″ by Artist Maria Manda


Maria Manda

I add a touch of humor to my paintings, including ideas about alter ego, thoughts and dreams, all the while keeping a serious undertone. I want my art to grab attention, becoming more than just ornamental.


Abstract acrylic and pastel painting by Vicki Maguire

“Dorian’s Song” Acrylic and Pastel, 22″ x 28″ by Artist Vicki Maguire


Vicki P. Maguire

My work is spirited in color and movement. I paint the moods of observation experienced as I respond to the beauty of nature. I document to uplift and allow spontaneity as it is composed.


Acrylic portrait of the Joker in Batman by Phil McNally

“Joker 3″ Acrylic, 18″ x 24” by Artist Phil McNally


P. McNally

This painting was, of course, inspired by the movie. Because I used acrylics instead of oils, it was one of my quickest and hardest paintings to do, but it is one of the best portraits I have done.


Abstract watercolor of a woman and her dog by Judy Nemer Sklar

“Woman With Her Dog” Watercolor with Mixed Media, 18″ x 24″ by Artist Judy Nemer Sklar


Judy Nemer Sklar

“Woman with Her Dog” best exemplifies my unique use of the watercolor medium and my love of working with paper. It is painted on 300lb watercolor paper and embellished with ink and watercolor pencils.


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  1. margarita iglesias says

    Thanks to the Spanish artist Guadalupe Luceño
    I have discovered your domain and I have taken
    a quick look at it.
    I promise to dedicate a major attention.

    Congratulations and have an interesting
    AND lucky 2020!

    Margarita Iglesias
    Critic of Arte

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