Featured Artist Éadaoin Glynn

Irish artist Éadaoin Glynn offers a colorful collection of abstract landscapes paintings in oil, cold wax and acrylic. View more of her lyrical paintings by visiting her website.


abstract mixed media painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“The music of the wind and I am but a feather in it” acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 100cm x 100cm


I am a self-taught artist who works from my home studio in Cork, Ireland.


abstract landscape painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“The wild air” acrylic, spray paint on board, 20cm x 20cm


When I was seventeen, I tossed a coin to decide between enrolling in art college or university. The coin landed for university and I followed that path for several decades. I studied French and English Literature, followed by business. I lived and worked in Paris, London and Dublin before returning to settle in Cork. My interest in art never left me. I always visited art galleries wherever I lived.


abstract oil and cold wax painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“Beannacht/Blessing” oil, cold wax and mixed media on canvas, 102cm x 76cm


Returning to painting was like coming home. I’ve finally found what I am supposed to do. In recent years, my painting practice has moved from figurative landscapes to more abstract and gestural work.


abstract mixed media painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“Every field had its own name” acrylic on board, 30cm x 21cm


In my paintings, I explore how emotions, dreams, memory and place are interconnected. Land and landscape are both internal and external. We carry our memories of place and landscape within us. Landscape is powerful—it holds memories—memories of childhood and also our collective shared history. However, landscape is not static. It shifts and evolves over time. It is eroded, broken down, and rebuilt.


abstract mixed media landscape by Éadaoin Glynn

“We are the children of the sea” acrylic on cradled wooden panel, 40cm x 50cm


Using oil, cold wax, acrylic, collage and other mixed media, I work on a series of paintings over several months.


abstract mixed media landscape painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“Every road leads to an echo” acrylic on cradled board, 30cm x 21cm


My process is intuitive and follows a cycle of construction and destruction. I build up layers of paint over weeks and months. As layers of paint dry, I excavate, scrape and dissolve them.


abstract mixed media landscape painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“I lie beneath her soft petals, pink against my cheek” acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 100cm x 100cm


This process is repeated until the painting reveals itself to me and I know it is finished.


abstract mixed media landscape painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“I was befriended by rocks and stones” acrylic on board, 30cm x 21cm


My process reminds me of archaeology in reverse. I’m mirroring how land is formed over time, how it is eroded, weathered and destroyed. My paintings evolve just as landscape is—continuously and gradually shifting and changing.


abstract mixed media landscape triptych painting by Éadaoin Glynn

“Land” triptych with gaps, oil, cold wax and mixed media on cradled wooden panel, 150cm x 60cm


I am influenced by Irish mythology, poetry and literature with its significance of place, land and sea. To me, poetry and painting are connected. I compare painting to writing a poem with colour.


Artist Éadaoin Glynn at work in her studio

Artist Éadaoin Glynn at work in her studio


When a painting is finished, part of my process is discovering its title. It’s like writing a miniature poem. The right title enhances the painting, adding another layer of meaning and emotion.


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  1. These are very expressive. My favorite is Land.

    • Thanks so much for these kind comments. I really appreciate the feedback. Land was created over many months, building up layers of oil paint and cold wax medium. The process of layering, compressing and excavating reminds me of how land is laid down, weathered and eroded over time.

  2. Mutethia J Gatobu says

    Lovely pieces. ‘Land’ brings such a solidity to my conscience.

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