Featured Artist Julee Latimer

Artist Julee Latimer weaves with paint, creating colorful three-dimensional artworks. See more of her intriguing process by visiting her website.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Unravelled” house paint and spray paint, 60cm x 70cm


From childhood, I have always been an artist. I worked at various freelance jobs in design (knitwear, interiors and theatre sets) as well as spending many years as a professional mosaic artist. Working with glass and concrete day in and day out was beginning to take its toll on my wrists. At that point, I wrote the book Sculptural Secrets for Mosaic, thus ending one artistic chapter.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Here or There” house paint and thread, 40cm x 25cm


I began to gravitate toward painting, and enrolled at Curtin University, where I completed my BFA in 2019. I took every sculpture and painting unit that was available. Pushing the boundaries of what can be considered a painting was a driving force for me throughout those years. It has become pivotal in my art practice.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Breakout” house paint on canvas, 60cm x 90cm


Painting has always interested me, but my interest lay more in what I could make the paint do rather than the picture it could create. I am drawn to the dimensional, the sculptural and, particularly, to the unusual use of materials. I don’t use paint brushes, preferring to let the paint “paint” itself. I’m far more interested with paint as a dry material rather than a wet one.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Forgotten” house paint and spray paint on wood, 60cm x 120cm


I find dried paint fascinating. The ability to see both sides of a painting is something that holds my interest time and again. I feel I am being let into a secret that otherwise would have passed unnoticed.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Tension” house paint, 43cm x 56cm


Using paint as one might use fabric is part of my process, which involves cutting, fragmenting and weaving.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Fractured” house paint on wood, 48cm x 48cm


I have moved internationally many times. This has often led to feelings of not belonging, as well as a need to exist without support. This plays out in my work through explorations into ways to allow the paint to exist without the support of the canvas. It also influences my need to continually construct and deconstruct the dried material.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Slump” house paint, 50cm x 80cm


There is a fragility in unsupported paint which I strengthen through weaving. Warp and weft emulate, for me, the way in which social support networks are needed to assist the individual and which, through relocation have a tendency to unravel. Using a craft technique to manipulate paint emphasizes interconnection rather than separation which I find immensely appealing.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Meltdown” house paint and spray paint, 50cm x 160cm


My practice is extremely process based, and I rarely begin with an outcome in mind. Experimenting with paint often yields surprising results which lead to further testing and manipulation. I end up working on several pieces simultaneously.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Binned” house paint, 25cm x 40cm


Recently, my attention has been focused on the leftover material that each work generates. Initially, this was a response to being in lockdown during the pandemic. Now I find that creating with what would ordinarily be discarded is as exciting as the constructing the original works. Working this way has also enabled me to create more sculptural pieces.


abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

“Release” house paint on wooden stretchers, 35cm x 48cm


If paint could speak, it would say to the canvas, “It’s not you, it’s me. I just need my space.”


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  1. truly unique!
    thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Julee,
    Are you familiar with Golden Paint? They are a manufacturer of artist colors in New Berlin, New York, near Cooperstown. They host rolling 4-week long artist residencies , hosting five artists at a time, with studio, living space, and FREE PAINT.
    They are very interested in artists that use paint as an artists material, and you might find them very receptive to your work. Of course, the program is suspended because of the pandemic, but it is a great opportunity to push the limits of the medium. They have amazing technical consultants available…and FREE PAINT.
    Here’s a link: https://www.goldenfoundation.org/residency/about-the-golden-foundation-residency/
    Good luck, keep up the good work. I like your stuff.

  3. Hi James
    Thanks so much for the info, glad you like my work. I am not familiar with Golden Paints but am just about to click the link you gave. Sounds like an amazing opportunity to apply for.

  4. These are all wonderful. Could not pick a favorite.

  5. Big thank you to Carolyn and the Artsy Shark team for this opportunity. Thrilled to be one of your Featured Artists.

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