Featured Artist Rosemarie Langtry

Inspired by the hands-on process, Rosemarie Langtry uses encaustic and found objects to create ethereal works of art. View more of her portfolio on her website.


abstract encaustic landscape by Rosemarie Langtry

“Waterlogged” encaustic and mixed media, 20″ x 14″


Inspired by the boglands surrounding my home in the middle of Ireland, my artwork is creative, spontaneous and at times thought-provoking. Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for arts and crafts. A few years ago, I decided to embark on a college degree course to develop and broaden my knowledge of art history, techniques, and materials.


encaustic abstract landscape by Rosemarie Langtry

“Blue Rain” encaustic, 12″ x 12″


I have been particularly excited by encaustic, which is painting with a hot wax medium. I love the process of building up layers and texture. Then I work on embedding and scraping back to reveal a hint of colour, words or even part of a decaying rusty object which has been buried beneath.


abstract encaustic painting by Rosemarie Langtry

“Eire Land 2″ encaustic and mixed media, 24″ x 12”


Throughout my life, I always knew I did not want a job behind a desk, but did not know what I wanted to embark on as a potential career path. Interestingly, I always found myself in jobs that were hands-on. I worked in a factory putting things together, and later in a garden centre potting plants and working with nature. I really enjoyed those jobs. It is probably no accident that I became an artist where the process is so important. Allowing your hands to be creative and get dirty is all part and parcel of the artistic venture.


encaustic painting of a bog by Rosemarie Langtry

“On the Bog” encaustic and mixed media, 24″ x 24″


I think back to my childhood in the middle of rural Ireland as part of a large family with twelve children that ran a small farm holding. We all helped with the annual farming activities. These included hay making, cutting and saving the turf, thinning turnips, picking stones and potatoes. This entailed being out in the elements and in touch with nature, using my hands.


abstract encaustic painting by Rosemarie Langtry

“New Beginnings” encaustic, 24″ x 24″


I’ve always been fascinated by the roads I travel every day, not knowing who or what is around the corner. I love being surrounded by the vast and unending boglands which change colour according to the season.


abstract encaustic painting by Rosemarie Langtry

“Man of the Land” encaustic, 8″ x 8″


I am also inspired by old, decaying found objects that have marks made by nature and contain a history or story from a bygone age.


abstract encaustic landscape by Rosemarie Langtry

“Serenity 2″ encaustic, 12″ x 12”


I’m a firm believer that artists never stop learning and that we strive to constantly develop and improve our work to keep it fresh and interesting, both for ourselves and the viewers.


abstract oil and wax painting by Rosemarie Langtry

“Ethereal 1″ oil and wax mixed media, 24″ x 24”


I get great satisfaction sharing my knowledge with other artists of all abilities through facilitating workshops for all ages. I also enjoy attending courses and workshops and class myself as “a course junky”.


abstract oil and wax painting by Rosemarie Langtry

“Ethereal II” oil and wax mixed media, 24″ x 24″


The global pandemic had an impact my ability to show my work in galleries locally, nationally, and internationally. I used the time to create new works and keep in touch with other artists online, although I really missed the personal contact with people.


abstract encaustic landscape by Rosemarie Langtry

“Blowing in the Wind” encaustic, 24″ x 24″


My goal is to create larger artworks. I have recently established a new studio in an old family cottage near my home where I can work in the tranquility of the Irish countryside surrounded by the flora and fauna of the local bog.


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  1. Rosemarie,
    Interesting textures and landscapes. It’s always fun to explore new techniques.

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