Artful Gifts & Wearables

by Carolyn Edlund

Six artists expanded their collections to include gift and wearable items. They spoke about the inspiration for these products, and how they are selling the merchandise.


Nature art notecards by Joanie Bauer Hupp

Nature art notecards by painter Joanie Bauer Hupp


Joanie Bauer Hupp

I have created my line of note and gift cards since the early 90’s. Mostly, it is a way for me to share my art with more people. I began making my own Christmas cards every year as a way to reconnect with family and friends and show my current work. Having worked in graphic design and illustration, I was greatly aware of selecting the right images and finding the right materials. I am so in LOVE with this wood-embossed card stock—using it exclusively for my cards.


Gift cards featuring nature art by Joanie Bauer Hupp

Gift cards featuring nature art by artist Joanie Bauer Hupp


Most folks enjoy them so much that they frame them and keep them forever, which is great since they are giclees that I print myself! I have sold them in art galleries and boutiques, but currently sell them directly to friends.


Tote bag with abstract art by Shraddha Pundeer

Tote bag with abstract art by Shraddha Pundeer


Shraddha Pundeer

A lifelong passion for art and a degree in fashion design encouraged me to begin drawing stylized figures from childhood, evolving over time into an abstract style that emanates dreamlike energy. I use rich complex colors and textures in my collection of figurative abstract paintings. But I believe that art should not be limited to galleries and wall decor! It can be enjoyed in various ways.


Tote bag featuring abstract artwork by Shraddha Pundeer

Tote bag featuring abstract artwork by Shraddha Pundeer


The concept of bringing art to a wider group of patrons unfolded over time as I created my own art collection of tote bags, backpacks and home goods. These are not as expensive as original art, but still capture the beauty for all those art lovers who prefer a nice, budget friendly art piece. I sell them from my website as print-on-demand products.


Artsy Journals by Rickale West and Roxy Wuz Here Art

Group of artsy journals by Rickale West and Roxy Was Here Art


Rickale West

One of the primary objectives for transferring art onto functional accessories and home goods is to provide the option for art lovers to have art with them in their everyday life. Our motto at Roxy Wuz Here Art is “Love heals, so can art.” That motto often drives our vision for how we compose our collections of functional art products. During the healing process many are encouraged to write and journal our emotions or experiences. What better way than with a special journal with your favorite piece of art on it?


Crazy Beautiful Love design journal

“Crazy Beautiful Love” journal, designed by Rickale West


Our journals are sold on the Roxy Wuz Here Art website, at local markets and events, Dramatika Custom Frames in Houston, Texas, and will also be available in the fall 2021 at the Art Curio Market in Railway Heights in Houston, Texas.


Tea towel with ginkgko pattern

Pink Gingko Tea Towel by British surface designer Louise King


Louise King

I have been working on a collection of this design and using it on many applications. As a result of people approaching me and asking for them as tea towels, I decided to produce them for market. I love to layer and add lots of texture and colour to my designs, so there is lots of interest and hopefully you will see something new each time you look at it.


Gingko tea towel by designer Louise King

Tea towel designed by Louise King


I mainly use print-on-demand companies like Society 6 and so far have been getting a very good response.


Abstract t-shirt designed by artist Eva Hunter

“Flapdoodle” T-shirt featuring design by artist Eva Hunter


Eva Hunter

The products I selected were chosen because they offer an easy way for more people to enjoy my art. When a collector purchases art, they take it home, hang it up and love it for as long as they have it. I wanted a way for more people to see and enjoy my work. Not everyone is ready to commit to the investment of an original painting.


Retro Mod pants designed by Eva Hunter

“Retro Mod” pants with art by Eva Hunter


I chose to have my products fabricated by Le Galeriste because their mission is important to me: to support artists through the sale of environmentally and humanly responsible garments (made in Montreal, Canada by well-paid seamstresses with vegan fabrics and water-based inks.) Wearable art on functional, well-made products they can enjoy allows my clients to feel good about their purchase. Products can be ordered through my website.


Surface design on textiles

“Cow Skull Camellias” and “Cherry Blossoms Vines on Black” designs as fabric by artist Sandie Turchyn


Sandie Turchyn

With people spending more time at home these days, we’re looking at our surroundings and trying to find ways to create a more harmonious environment.  Since textiles have always been a part of my creative process, I decided to focus my work on developing designs for home items that can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to any dwelling.


Textile design by artist Sandie Turchyn

“Succulent Lavender” and “Dreamy Wild Grasses” designs by by Sandie Turchyn


Designs and artwork are available online and have been purchased by retailers, third party producers and small artist supportive companies. In addition, originals and limited edition prints are sold directly to the consumer through my website and Instagram page.



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