Featured Artist Pamela Trueblood

Artist Pamela Trueblood shares a joyful connection to the earth in her colorful collection of garden paintings. Visit her website to see more of her work.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“My Secret Garden” acrylic, gouache and ink on canvas, 30” x 30”


As a voracious reader, a treehouse builder, a jazz and opera lover, well-traveled within the United States, having resided on both the East Coast, West Coast, Colorado, Texas and finally living in New Mexico, my layers are many and deep.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Ode to New Mexico” acrylic, gouache and ink on canvas, 36” x 36”


Wild heart, clever, bohemian and earth mother are all parts of my personality, or so I have been told by others. I love walking lonely beaches and trekking mysterious mountain passes, hearing the winds blow through the pines in my garden and dancing under a full moon.


Floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Glory Be” acrylic on canvas, 30” x 30”


My daily process starts with a morning meditation of watering flowers, deadheading and feeding birds—all of which center me. Through the years, I have experimented with different mediums—regular acrylics, mixed media with scissored papers, and acrylic gouache to find a technique that gives me the best version of my ideas.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Do Fish Dream?” acrylic and acrylic ink on canvas, 18” x 18”


I love to paint gardens and put my dreams on canvas. I have impressions of landscapes and seascapes where I’ve lived and walked. I keep a dream journal next to my bed and add to it every day. My dreams connect me to ideas which then become my reality.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Sunny Daze” acrylic and acrylic ink on canvas, 24” x 24”


Living gardens need earth, while cut flowers, although beautiful, are in the process of dying. Therefore, I rarely paint anything that is not planted in the earth. Connectedness to our planet and gardens are hopeful. If we remember that the earth provides us with beauty and food, we may bring the temperature and tempers a bit lower.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Century Pink Moon” acrylic on canvas, 30” x 30”


I have a degree in Art History and have studied in Europe, visiting Renaissance gardens and great museums on my travels. My inspiration for understanding historical trends in art came from painters Francisco Goya, Henry Matisse and Helen Frankenthaler.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Get Happy” acrylic and acrylic ink on canvas, 36” x 36”


Contemporary artists who inspire me are New Mexican artist Nancy Reyner and New York artist Brian Rutenberg. Both are landscape painters with wildly diverging viewpoints. Subjects that influence my art come from the colorful Talavera pottery I have in my home and Oaxacan sculptures.


painting of butterflies by Pamela Trueblood

“Collateral Beauty” mixed media on canvas with semi-precious stones, 30” x 30”


I am partial to music. The abstract paintings in my collection are galvanized by listening to my favorite jazz or classical pieces. While painting, I translate the abstract form of sound into two-dimensional works.


floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

“Late Summer Garden” acrylic and acrylic ink on canvas, 24” x 24”


We all need reflection and solitude to bring peace to our busy lives. Each of my paintings intends to transport the viewer to a special place in their hearts and minds. I use Museum and or Gallery depth canvas for a contemporary look, so no framing is needed as each work is painted on all four sides with color. All you need to do is hang and enjoy.


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  1. Blanche M Finn says

    I am the proud mother of Pamela, she is my joy and my gold. We were pioneer women leaving Illinois in the spring of 2019 when my husband passed away early in December of 2018. Pam was living with us and we helped Charlie through his illness and at the end were there for him. He gave us inspiration with his wit and loved us so…..he was just the best. After his passing we had to move away because he was so involved with the University, in our community, with our church, he was everywhere, so it had to be. Pamela was painting at the time and felt Santa Fe, would be the place for us to move to so she could pursue her dream through art. We left Illinois in May of 2019 and moved into our home in June. We only had that summer to get acquainted with Santa Fe as Covid 19 was around the corner. Through all those months Pam painted every day and was an inspiration to me to see the joy in her with what she was painting and slowly became a true artist. Her art reflects her love of nature and all that is beautiful in the world.

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