What Artists Must Know about Exhibiting at Art Fairs

Ray Beldner, the founder of stARTup Art Fair, gives an inside look at the art fair world, and what artists should know before committing to exhibit at these events.

What is America’s Best Art Fair?

ArtFairCalendar.com announces the results of its 3rd annual “America’s Best Art Fairs” survey.

Art Fair Burnout

I had “art show burnout” and had to take stock of what I was doing. I’d scheduled twenty retail fairs that year. What was I thinking?

What to Do when your Show is Slow

When you look at your show experience as a first contact, you can plan marketing activities after the show is over.

8 Negative Booth Behaviors that Lose Sales

Are you sabotaging yourself with these common behaviors that turn off customers and lose sales?

10 Steps to Better Art Show Sales

At a recent street fair, 80% of exhibitors had underwhelming booth presence, while 20% of the artists were working at making sales. Guess who fared better?

Taking Buy/Sell Merchandise Out of Art and Craft Fairs

Carroll witnessed an exhibitor drive from a show at the end of the day to refill their merchandise from the back of a semi, stocked with goods from China which were being sold as handcrafted American work.

Interview with an Art Show Promoter

I’m fortunate that my event is in the heart of a resort town that has a substantial marketing budget and Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most promoted weekends as it launches the beginning of the summer season.