Is Social Media Really The Key to Selling Art Online?

You may be picking up lots of new followers and fans, but are any of them actually buying – or even thinking about buying – the pieces you’ve spent hours working on?

How I Built an Email Campaign and Sold More Art

Its power to reach consumers and convert consumers is due to the fact that over 91% of all US consumers use email every single day.

Target Market: Gen Y

This is a generation with buying power, but not the kind of ready cash that generally allows them to make high-end purchases.

Interview Tips for Artists

Make the most of the opportunity, both during the interview itself, and afterwards, as you take advantage of the free publicity:

Social Media Overwhelm

It’s a great idea to reach out to your peers and audience through social media, but how much is too much? Are you juggling so many that it would take a full-time social media manager to keep up?