5 Mistakes that Get Press Rejections Every Time

Are you an artist who wants to get coverage in a magazine, blog or other outlet? Ask yourself if you are making any of the following mistakes when reaching out to the press.

How Smart Marketing Boosted My Art Business

Probably my most successful attempt at exposure so far was responding to a news report.

Promoting a Body of Work

by Carolyn Edlund Artist Paul Roustan has developed an incredible body painting portfolio, and published a book this year about his work. I recently spoke with him about promotion and working smart to build a creative business.     AS:  What was the purpose of writing your book? PR:  Early on, I discovered people really liked […]

Art in Embassies Program

Since 1963, the U.S. State Department has run a program called Art in Embassies (AIE) that showcases the work of American artists from various media in exhibits all over the world.

Avoid these 7 Mistakes when Photographing Art

Modern digital “point-and-shoot” cameras are a miracle of technology…But digital cameras are not perfect. If you want quality photographs of your art, expect to invest a little time learning how to use your digital camera effectively.

Think Like a Judge When Entering Art Competitions

Art collectors, art consultants and art buyers who are judges will usually be more conservative and “safe” in their evaluations and selections, as this is how they buy and collect art.

How to Get Accepted by the Press

Create a compelling story to share about your unique inspiration, your mission, exhibition or project and write it in a concise format to share with the press.

How to Get Rejected by the Press

Although most of the people who get in touch are probably very nice people, they are making a fatal mistake when it comes to getting press attention.

Upcoming Online Art Exhibitions

I’d like to invite readers to consider submitting their art to either or both of these upcoming competitions.

New Television Opportunity for American Artists

Interested in getting some high-profile exposure through a television episode about yourself as an artist?

5 Ways Artists Can Unlock the Power of Social Media

Whichever social media network you choose to go with first, it’s incredibly important to get your page set up correctly.

Colour In Your Life Offers New Concept for Artist Promotion

Each episode opens with Graeme riding his Harley Davidson to the studio visit and interviewing the featured artist in person.

Make A Press Kit That Pops

Press rooms are often crowded with reporters, bloggers and freelancers looking for something exciting to write about, and they look to press kits for inspiration.

10 Free Ways Artists Can Get Publicity

Do you have big plans but a small budget? Here are 10 ways to get the word out about your art without breaking the bank.