Entrepreneur Taps into Contemporary Christian Market

By Carolyn Edlund

Faith-based merchandise is a huge and growing market, holding great potential for artists who cater to this niche.



A massive customer base exists in the Christian retail market, which by itself does over $4.6 billion in sales annually.  Although many sales are bibles and other traditional products, artists are finding inroads with products intended for youthful, and sometimes very non-traditional believers.

An example of the contemporary slant on Christian products is Kingstone Media, a Florida company involved in publishing and entertainment. They produce “Marvel Comics quality” graphic novels and comic books which turn Biblical stories into fast-paced action adventures. Their approach taps into a young audience attracted to graphic novels, filling shelves at Barnes and Noble as well as selling to Christian book distributors. Movie deals are underway as well.

This reflects the way many young, Christian consumers are thinking and buying, and points toward even more cutting-edge product lines.


Christian greeting card


Faith-based greeting card entrepreneur Judi Kenney of Say it with Love Cards has found a niche audience to cater to within the religious community – tattoo enthusiasts. She states, “Our Say It With Ink collection came about one day when I received an enthusiastic phone call from my husband, a high school basketball coach (and teacher) suggesting I photograph one of his players with a tattoo for the cover of a card. The tattoo was a bible scripture, ‘I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.’

This began our new card line. We went on a search for more people with faith-based tattoos. During our search and interest in people’s ink, we began to really appreciate tattoo artists and their work. The detail and imagination is something to be admired and “bragged” about…they are truly dedicated artists!



Once we photographed the person with their tattoo, we realized that it was too revealing to show a lot of bare skin and came up with the idea of using black or colored silhouettes. The best way to showcase a silhouette was to put it against a colorful, vibrant background. One of my sons, Daniel Koval, is the genius and graphic designer behind this concept.

We’re finding the cards are also appealing to a younger buyer who normally doesn’t buy cards but loves the colors and uniqueness of using tattoos to express emotions on a card.”

The Kenneys have opened up a new demographic for their business, with a new reason to purchase cards. Their awareness of the broad spectrum of Christian buyers taps into additional ways these creative entrepreneurs can market and sell their product line.


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  1. I have a friend who joined a community parish. He is a tile-setter, a master tile-setter. His focus is providing those in the parish access to his services. He doesn’t focus on the Christian aspect, or us Christian icons for his marketing (that’s a no-no in his particular church.)

    I believe there is more than one way to attract a particular audience and my friend has done so by opening up his service and craft to his community church.

  2. Interesting – A great potential market for Artists. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comments, Darlene and Terri. This niche is just an example of how artists can sell their work into many different markets. And knowing your market is one of the most important steps to growing your creative business!

  3. I have a global unique line of my digital creations of parchments with spiritual inspiration and scripture quotations… They can be viewd on my site above. I’ve been looking for a Christian outlet

  4. I have created 3 contempory Christian images (logos) that are perfect for keychains, t-shirts, jewelry, hats, window stickers…… I am looking for a person or group of people to help me market my products to the Christian community. I am a very creative person but I am not a market specialist…I know from test marketing that my products are accepted by all Christians I have come in contact with….I have not had a negative comment and these images will stand proud beside some of the most famous logos in the world
    If you are that special person or Company …or if you know who is …please contact me ….Thank you

  5. I have about – 30 theologically based collage/mixed media items – artwork that I’ve exhibited in various churches. I don’t know where to go with this. Any ideas?

  6. I completely agree, the religious niches, and not just Christian, are a great opportunity for artists to explore. We’ve been helping UK artists with their print work for several years now. And there’s been a growing trend for cards celebrating various religious celebrations including Hindu and Chinese festivals among others.

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