Art as a Healing Force for Recovery

To support the recovery community, artist Dena Leibowitz developed a line of greeting cards using her designs.

How One Artist Built a Successful Greeting Card Line

The founder of Goldilocks Designs started with a passion for vintage, and scaled her art into a fast-growing card business.

Will Your Great Idea Translate into a Great Business?

You’ve got it – a new twist on an old concept that will really work. Or will it? When you come up with a concept for a collection that you think might sell, test drive it against reality.

Smart Ideas for Greeting Card Entrepreneurs

When I published my own cards, I often tried edgier quotes and themes and they sold well, whereas larger companies tend to want things toned down a bit.

Evolution of a Greeting Card Line

From first concept through end sale, here is how one entrepreneur created a line of greeting cards.

Entrepreneur Taps into Contemporary Christian Market

A massive customer base exists in the Christian retail market, which by itself does over $4.6 billion in sales annually.

Consultation Case Study: Improving a Greeting Card Line

 An artist who designed a line of greeting cards requested a consultation to evaluate her collection and sales strategies. Is this line ready for retail?

Greeting Card Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Niche Marketing

Two greeting card entrepreneurs built a brand and a reputation around a niche that appeals to their eco-conscious base. 

Alaskan Artist Finds Success in Niche Market

How artist Jill Marshall has used regional images and themes to market her line of whimsical greeting cards.

6 Ways to Improve Your Greeting Card Sales

Are you planning a greeting card line? Good design and text are important basics. Here are six additional suggestions to hone your line and grow your sales.

Advice from a RockStar Sales Rep

Sales rockstar Meryl Hooker helps artists and entrepreneurs get focused on business strategies to help sell their products.

8 Techniques to Get Your Greeting Card Line into a Store

If you want to sell your greeting card line into more stores, these techniques can help get your foot in the door.

Greeting Card Entrepreneur Designs Her Own Success

Louisa Huang, creator of the greeting card line “Paper Musings” explains how she started and grew her business.

Greeting Card Biz Insider Secrets – Part 3

Don Ruge, a greeting card industry pro, completes his series on the topic of licensing your work and other considerations.