The Art of Color & Whimsy

Artsy Shark invited some artist friends to choose a piece of their delightful work to share. Enjoy, and visit each artist’s website by clicking on their name.


Fat Pelican


Ann Kristen KrierAll mixed media paintings begin by simplifying the subject to a child-like image; then color, mark- making, doodling, scribbles, scratches and bold color palettes take over to define a unique piece.


Tulips by artist Carol Gerrett


Carol Gerrett – Techniques and materials to create my skillfully executed watercolors reflect my interest and flair for color. Watercolour canvas, Aquabord, paint board, Maza paper, various papers are used in my portfolio.


"Poplar Tree" by artist Shelby Andre


Shelby Andre – Color inspires me and drives my creativity to design pieces using handmade papers and additional media elements.


"Phoenix" by artist Jennifer Smith of Visual LifeSavers


Jennifer Smith – Visual Lifesavers art is eye candy for the soul. Created with fun, happiness and love they are sometimes spontaneous but always have some sort of message. What is your interpretation?


"You Are Amazing" by artist Kimberly McGuiness


Kimberly McGuiness – I’m always amazed at the beauty in a garden from the tiniest of seeds. The brilliant colors, patterns and textures in nature influence most of my mixed media work.


"Liberty" by artist Isabelle Pelletane


Isabelle Pelletane – My paintings are created in rhythms and movements, like a dance of acrylics thrown/poured on the canvas. It’s like a hymn to nature.


"Atreyu" by artist Caroline Green


Caroline Green – “Atreyu” is one of the pet portraits I create using a glazing technique. My pet portraits are inspired by each pet’s individuality. Atreyu is a spunky colorful pup who can easily put a smile on anyone’s face.


"6 cracks of Dawn" by artist Mike Jacobs


Mike Jacobs – When I was a kid, my mom remarked on my odd sense of humor when I made a stink….I later discovered I could express myself with paints and ink….the combination worked (or so I think.)


"Dreamer" by artist Heather Gamble


Heather Gamble – As a colored pencil artist, I give life to the colorful and whimsical creatures my imagination encounters as I explore the Olympic Peninsula where my family and I live.


"Night Song" by artist Nikol Wikman


Nikol Whitman – When I paint it is a joyful intuitive experience. I love to get right in there and play with the paint, mixing and manipulating it into forms for the eyes to enjoy.


"Petite fée des Bois 1" by artist Guylaine Duval


Guylaine Duval – Mushrooms bring me back to my childhood at the country cottage: they were colorful, intriguing, scary and fascinating. There is something magical about them, something of a parallel world.


"Breathe" by artist Lorri Hanna


Lorri Hanna – My paintings embody inspirational messages of joy, love, and gratitude, with images from nature, yoga, dance and travel adventures. It’s a way to narrate my story while uplifting the spirit!


"Sam" by artist Beatrice Roberts


Beatrice Roberts – My quirky, colourful art usually features whimsical people, animals or monsters – or a mixture of them. This blue kitty has a human element to his face whilst still remaining cat-like.


"Hurry Home" by artist Terri Einer


Terri Einer – An object or scene will instantly present a simplistic, colorful image in my mind and I am compelled to paint it.  I often photograph an image and print it out in black and white so I can recreate it from my imagined palette of colors.


"Getting Ready" by artist Robin Hiers


Robin Hiers – I decided to do a piece that was abstract and fun, that described the way I feel when I am trying on outfits. A lot of pink, glitter, and collage, I painted it with passion and for myself. When you do that – that’s when it’s a winner. Go bold, my friends – in color and expression!!


"Courtesan au Chocolat" by artist JJ Galloway


JJ Galloway – I paint big, bright, bold colors… they’re mouthwatering. Bright colors on simple clean iconic images are just delicious, especially when they’re sweet!  This watercolor, Courtesan au Chocolate, just poured out onto the paper one day. Yum!


"Downtown" by artist Kathryn Pellman


Kathryn Pellman – “Downtown” is my fantasy small town. It is made from commercial fabrics including conversational prints, cotton and silk and is fused applique and machine quilted.


"New Sky" by artist MaryAnn Loo


MaryAnn Loo – Every sunrise brings a new sky and endless possibilities. My world of flying penguins represents dreams coming true, and having courage and freedom to create the life you’ve always wanted.


"Desert Dream" by artist Clair de Lune


Clair de Lune  I look for a place of openness, innocence and wonder. This is where painting happens…a synthesis of texture, color and emotion leading to the moment, the Sacred Unknown.


"Opinion" by artist Madeline Faiella


Madeline Faiella – Maddy’s Girlz™ interact with women 35 and up supporting them to live fulfilled lives, to connect with a cause and to cause laughter.  They are Snarky, Curvy, Sassy and Classy.


"Legend of Enoshima Island" by artist Richard Cabral


Richard Cabral – The story of this piece was based on a legend my friend recommend me. I used a combination of various markers to achieve either the effect of a flat surface or chaotic motion.


"Glory Be" by artist LuAnne Payne


LuAnne Payne –  I’m inspired by vintage paper and especially old children’s book illustrations. As an artist, it is really rewarding if I can make someone smile or bring back a memory.


"When the Frost is on the Punkins" by artist Lana Manis


Lana Manis – Inspiration for “When the Frost is on the Punkins” came from my favorite season, Autumn, and a favorite poem by James Whitcomb Riley. And living in rural Southern Appalachia always provides a colorful fall!


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  1. I love whimsy so these are all great selections. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Ann, so nice to see you here. I love all of this.

  3. Thank you Artsy Shark…

  4. Wow I just love the works by Madeline Faiella; Maddy’s Girlz! Fabulous fun!

  5. Thank you Artsy Shark for the opportunity much appreciated!

  6. Thank you so much for including my artwork in this gorgeous feature! I am so excited. Also it is lovely to view the works of my fellow artists worldwide.

  7. Sylvia Craft says

    Love these selections, especially the work of Lorri Hanna. Thank you for posting these!

  8. Thank you so much for choosing my artwork to be featured in this article. It’s a privilege to share in the delight of color and whimsy with other artists!

  9. I want to say thank you for including me in this grouping – wonderful and fun art!

  10. It’s been a pleasure including all of the wonderful artists here, and I’m glad to see that this article was shared so many times!

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