Instagram Interactive Gallery Sells Your Art

by Carolyn Edlund

Here’s a bright new idea from the folks at ShortStack to create a landing page on your art website that receives traffic from Instagram – turning visitors into customers!


Short Stack template with shoppable links. Want to sell your art on Instagram? Read about it at


Want to sell more art on Instagram? Here’s one way to drive traffic to your website and increase art sales on your existing e-commerce platform. You will need a shopping cart on your website to make this work.

Instagram doesn’t permit live links, except in your profile, of course. When you share photos of your art there, mention “click my profile link” to shop. You will use that profile link to drive traffic right to a gallery of images on your own website that resembles Instagram. This tool is provided by ShortStack.

The first step is to set up a gallery landing page on your art website. This allows you to receive traffic from your Instagam link. Join ShortStack (there is a free level) and use their Interactive Gallery Template to create a shoppable gallery of your work. Use as many art images as you like. Once you have those images, it will take about 15 minutes to set up, according to Dana Kilroy from the ShortStack staff.

“A link within each image in the template sends the shopper to a product page on the ecommerce service you use, with a description, and ‘buy’ or ‘add to cart’ button,” she says. “The overall benefit is that when people are on your Instagram account they can click on that one live link. Then they are taken to the shopping part of your website. There are several companies offering similar solutions, but they are very, very expensive.”

You can even use some of your gallery images to lead to a newsletter sign-up, or a “contact me” form, so there are multiple uses for this feature.

Want step by step instructions? Sure you do. See their article and video instructions right here.



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