The Art of the Landscape

What is a landscape? We asked some artist friends to share their work, and received wonderful and even surprising interpretations! Click each artist’s name to visit their website.


Artwork by Allison McGree See the photo article at


Allison McGree

I am in awe of enchanted moments; my artwork amplifies the ordinary. The light in Bold Enough lifts off of the mountains—celebrating both life, nature, and the human connection.


Artwork by Peter Van Giesen. See the photo article at


Peter Van Giesen

Getting away from normal routines allows me to hit the “reset button.” As my brush moves across the canvas, I contemplate nature’s infinite interconnectedness and how it sustains us all.


Artwork by Ana Ramirez. See the photo article at


Ana Ramirez

I looked closely, and I noticed that each pier along the California coast is different. That’s when it became my goal to photograph them all.


Artwork by Barb Simcoe. See the photo article at


Barb Simcoe

I paint realistic landscapes, en plein air and in the studio, using edited photos. The green hills of New York and Ireland, azure oceans, neutrals deserts – all inspire me.


Artwork by Stan Pougher. See the photo article at


Stan Pougher

The River Humber, near my home, changes moods with the weather and time of day.  I have used pastels to capture the light near sunset on a summer day.


Artwork by Barbara Kinnick. See the photo article at


Barbara Kinnick 

As a mixed media artist, I use papers, fabrics, found objects and pastels to create images on canvas. I love color, and hope my work brings pleasure to others.


Artwork by Susan Klinger. See the photo article at


Susan Klinger

I like to focus on intimate views of the larger landscape. In this piece, the surprise is the inverted view of the surrounding landscape within the glass of the lantern.


Artwork by Barbara S. Ryan. See the photo article at


Barbara S. Ryan

I paint the landscape in hopes that the viewer will share and feel my experience and love for a particular place. The experience of the colorful skies, the rushing or calmness of water, or the peace of a mountain vista, that I loved and drew me to the scene.


Artwork by Cindy Betka. See the photo article at


Cindy Betka

I find a mesmerizing beauty in the reflections and patterns of waves on a mountain stream. Each scene is painted as a vital life of its own with emotions attached.


Photograph by Sherry Talbot. See the photo article at


Sherry Talbot

At the end of the day, the reward is an awe-inspiring view at sunset from Yavapai Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Artwork by Dara Daniel. See the photo article at


Dara Daniel

Sun is rising over the ridge, fog lifting, conifers coming to light, and two ravens in flight. One raven is saying…croooaaak.


Artwork by Lori Salamone-Limbachs. See the photo article at


Lori Salamone-Limbachs

Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. It assembled from earlier continental units approximately 300 million years ago, and it began to break apart about 175 million years ago.


Artwork by Pamela Parsons. See the photo article at


Pamela Parsons

Grow, a garden landscape of self, expresses the freedom to grow in all directions with all means of color and shape, with no boundaries or restrictions and therefore, unlimited possibilities.


Artwork by Dee Miles. See the photo article at


Dee Miles

My collection of paintings burst with light and imagination. The more you look, the more you see. A vibrant palette and mixed-media inspire this unique artwork.


Photography by Ivan Lebedev. See the photo article at


Ivan Lebedev

In this landscape, I emphasize the current of time, which I am able to capture with my photography.


Artwork by Padmaja Madhu. See the photo article at


Padmaja Madhu

All I can express about the Grand Canyon is that I could see it only as an embodiment of God’s awesome creation on earth. Its multicolored rock walls, craggy cliffs, and sandy slopes has left me in awe. My desire to paint it became deeper when I myself visited the Canyon and experienced its grandeur.


Photography by Lee Anne White. See the photo article at


Lee Anne White

I am fascinated by the beauty, essence and changing complexion of both natural and designed landscapes. I enjoy them most in the quiet moments—in the soft light of sunrise and sunset, on winter days when trees bare their bones, and on foggy mornings.



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