My Art Inspiration

We asked a group of artist friends “What Inspires You?” Click on each name to visit their art website.


Artist Verlaine Crawford


Verlaine Crawford

I am inspired by nature and the human form… light, color and movement. Artists guided me when I lived in Carmel, California, and during my travels to Europe, Japan and Bali.


Artist Wouter Goedkoop


Wouter Goedkoop

I get inspired by people’s journeys and stories. By combining them with my own experiences and cultural background, I create unique storytelling pieces that celebrate their important life events.


Artist Gill Tomlinson


Gill Tomlinson

My inspiration comes from the colour, light and life of Greece and the Mediterranean which I aim to capture in my on-location sketchbooks and the layers of my mixed-media artwork.


Artist Nicole Moss


Nicole Moss 

Magazines and books – the world of images – inspire me to make my surreal, narrative handmade collages. I have always been attracted to creating images that are dreamlike and tell a story that is interesting and challenging.


Artist Sue Ziegler


Sue Ziegler

In January, 2015 I first picked up a drawing pencil to sketch my own horses.   Immediately I felt such a strong connection that I haven’t stopped since!


Artist Bryan Nelson


Bryan Nelson

Wood is the most perfect of God’s creations. A living treasure of hidden beauty that remains hidden till it’s death. I am humbled to be able to reveal some of this hidden beauty. To help the trees live again, to be resurrected and shine again.


Artist Joy Munt


Joy Munt

My paintings are an expression – a distillation – of the impressions made on my psyche by the landscapes around me, whether it be the prairies in which I grew up, the West coast of my adult years or the short time I spent in a large Eastern metropolis.


Artist Gloria Clifford


Gloria Clifford

Inspired by an intense love for our planet, my ocean and rain forest images bring public attention to threatened or endangered species. Using a brilliant color palette expresses this passion.


Artist Jacqueline Doyle Allison


Jacqueline Doyle Allison

My paintings view the world through a lens of optimism and joy. Using abstracted imagery and clear, bright colors, I paint expressively with intuition and the resulting artworks are a reflection of my inner world.


Artist Scooter Morris


Scooter Morris

Sculpted Paintings™ the three dimensional image on a two dimensional plane, are the passionate needed to reveal life’s intricate details. The painting is a story unfolding, and I am inspired by the idea and the process.


Artist Kristen Martin


Kristen Martin

In the moment of making art, I can just focus on being creative and imagining something great forming in front of me.


Artist Isabella Martire


Isabella Martire 

In the past, raising money for cancer centers was a major driving force. Lately, the inner and outer beauty of people I know and love has been my inspiration.


Artist Adele French


Adele French

I am a New York based artist, roaming the city looking for inspiration to create my artwork.


Artist Sabrina M


Sabrina M

I’d like to give the viewer a glimpse of my world, inspired by my fears, dreams and feelings. I attempt to portray fantasy, emotion and intense feelings in my work.


Artist Cora Smith


Cora Smith

The inspiration for my art comes from life – an encounter, a moment captured or a glimpse of something undefined. I love to translate these things into created works that speak to the heart of a viewer.


Artist Fabienne Jacquet


Fabienne Jacquet

What inspires me? Dreams, reality, memories, love, death, art, oil paint, skin and the magic of being alive.


Artist Robert Mendoza


Robert Mendoza

I’ve always been drawn to old fairy tales, myths and stories full of magic and fantasy, especially if there’s a dark twist woven somewhere into them. Obscure legends of old gods and goddesses from different cultures are also a great source of inspiration to me.


Artist Nicci Sevier Vuyk


Nicci Sevier-Vuyk

The beauty, optimism and intrigue of the commonplace inspires me. My work connects people to everyday life in a novel and playful manner.


Artist Sylvia Cohen


Sylvia Cohen

I am interested in capturing moments of expression that portray the human psyche, blurring the line between fact and fiction. My portraits are captured from a number of photographs, not posed, more as character studies.


Artist Louise Kleinsorge Williams


Louise Kleinsorge Williams

For me, the urge to create comes as a vague sensation: a desire to play, to see what evolves from looking over source material. Then, as I work, magic sets in. The image unfolds.


Artist Britta Diesche


Britta Dietsche

I see you looking at me. What do you see? Why? “Queen Katharina” and the other series guide the observers’ points of view towards releasing their desires.


Artist Martha Brettschneider


Martha Brettschneider

My macro botanic photography is an integral part of my mindfulness practice. Printing on metal brings out the miraculous details of nature’s bounty and energy—treasures of present moment awareness.


Artist Jasmine Curtis


Jasmine Curtis

I am inspired by nature and wildlife. Through my art I learn more about my subjects and their characteristics, and this drives me to create.


Artist Chris White


Chris White

As a visual person, I draw inspiration from a variety of sources that I encounter in my day-to-day life. From textures to negative spaces—my inspiration is my environment.


Artist Becca Gordon


Becca Gordon

Painting as both a medium and an action has always interested me with its infinite possibilities for construction and application. I love to create bold paintings with lots of layers.


Artist Estela Galez


Estela Galez 

I’m always trying to capture those little moments which are constantly calling my attention, such as a look, an instant feeling, a spontaneous shadow or even the bright color of wine.


Artist Joan Gallagher


Joan Gallagher

I love everything that shows color. I take my own photos and edit them and change them to make the colors sing. Then I paint that image. I get to combine my love of photography and painting!



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