Featured Artist Andrea Wendel

Artist Andrea Wendel’s innovative furniture designs are inspired by her passion for creating handcrafted, sculptural objects with a purpose. Visit her website to view more of her portfolio.


wood bench with blue acrylic seat by Andrea Wendel

“Royal Rhythm Bench” wood and acrylic, 50” x 12” x 17”


As an Illustration major, my career began by painting murals, fabric, and furniture for residential and commercial clients. Interior design, architecture and fine home building is my family’s business. It taught me a sense of balance and space as well as blending tones and materials.


tall-backed wood and horsehair chair by Andrea Wendel

“Chiquita Chair” wood and horse hair, 12” x 10” x 60”


An interest in welding and woodworking turned my practice sculptural, creating totemic sculptures and carved wood figurative pieces. I started using these hand-carved textures and techniques in my furniture, home accents and architectural elements.


set of three custom wood, metal and upholstered bar stools by Andrea Wendel

“Custom Bar Stools” aspen logs, metal covered footrest and custom upholstered swivel seat, Approx. 12” x 25”


While painting murals for a client’s hotels throughout the southwestern United States (many on Indian Reservations), as well as time spent working in Africa, I developed my passion for makers, ceremony, and the significance of details.


corner writing desk of wood and metal by Andrea Wendel

“Corner Writing Desk” wood and metal, 36” x 28.5”


These particular cultures have shaped my aesthetic and remain at the core of my work. I blend and bend these references and ideas not only as visual pleasure, but also in celebration of the care and details of the rich visual history these cultures offer.


maple dining room table with carved poplar legs by Andrea Wendel

“Dining Room Table Custom G” maple top, poplar carved legs, 8’ x 44” x 29”


I gravitate towards a strong design sensibility with bold components.


wood with titanium inlay table by Andrea Wendel

“Custom Table Bro” wood and inlayed titanium, 48” x 12” x 16”


Surface treatments are the result of meticulous carving and contrasting textures; the design element is infused with a modern edge. The need to touch and the tactile quality is an aspect I want to promote.


hand-painted steel tube bench with wood pedestal by Andrea Wendel

“Literaffiti Bench Wildness” steel tube hand-painted with wood pedestal, 18” x 8” x 17”


As a multidisciplinary artist, I have a large toolbox to create sculptural pieces that inject an out-of-the-ordinary surprise to a utilitarian object. These uncommon and distinctive elements will change the energy and style of the décor.


wood and steel console/desk by Andrea Wendel

“Custom Console/Desk” wood and steel, 11’ x 26” x 19”


Working and collaborating with clients, interior designers and architects is about blending in and standing out. It’s the consideration of the landscape, the chosen materials and the architecture as well as the client’s influences and emotions.


assorted hand carved wood shelving by Andrea Wendel

“Shelf Installation” (18’ wall) wood, assorted sizes


Contributing to the beauty and peace of my clients’ homes is an honor. This process always opens my mind, and leads me to a whole new world of ideas. My gallery work is where I play, explore my voice and take risks. Often, I create a series of work to see where it leads.


Artist Andrea Wendel in her studio

Artist Andrea Wendel in her studio


Working back and forth between art and design in the making of objects of purpose and finding that balance is my main objective. As a sculptor creating furniture, I bridge art and function by applying my compositions to a functional form. This changes the story of the piece and transforms its identity as more than just functional.


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