Featured Artist Gayle Isabelle Ford

Artist Gayle Isabelle Ford shares her portfolio of serene landscapes and floral portraits rendered in watercolor and oil. Visit her website to view more of her work.


watercolor of a basket of onions by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Basket of Onions” watercolor, 15.5″ x 17″


I cannot remember a time when I did not draw and love animals, particularly horses. My inspiration for my art comes from my love of nature, which I connect with my childhood.


“Fresh Bouquet” oil, 11″ x 14″


When I was young, my parents brought my sister, brother and me on many road trips throughout the western United States. My father took great care in planning each car trip, taking in as many national parks as possible, while learning everything possible about them. As a result, both my parents instilled a profound love and appreciation of the natural beauty of our country.


watercolor close up of leaves by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Awakening to the Light” watercolor, 32″ x 20″


I choose to paint landscapes, intriguing portraits, luminous botanicals and lovable critters. I truly enjoy painting interesting faces. While doing so, I can’t help but wonder about their lives. In my paintings, my hope is that I bring the viewer into the image, with the desire that they notice the beauty of my subject that they might not take the time to notice in their busy lives.


autumn landscape painting by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Amazing Fall” oil, 32″ x 20″


There are more subjects that I want to paint than I have time to do so. Being a lover of trees and surrounded by them in Virginia, I have an abundance of subjects. The morning sunrise and evening sunset create an amazing array of design and contrast, which is especially appealing to me.


painting of a tree in the morning sunlight by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Morning Sunlight” oil, 20″ x 30″


The contrast intensifies the mood or emotion in all subjects, especially with the autumn colors. Currently, I am enjoying creating a series of paintings of trees. The first one sold, so that subject is off to a great start!


painting of peonies in a vase by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Garden Peonies” oil, 18″ x 18″


I work in a traditional style, seeking to capture the beauty of my subjects. I paint both in watercolor and oil. Drawing is also a particular love of mine. It is difficult for me to decide which medium I enjoy more. In watercolor, I use many washes to intensify the color and create contrast of darks and lights.


still life painting of spring roses by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Spring Roses” oil, 11″ x 14″


With oils, I sometimes glaze over opaque light and dark grays. Other times, I will begin with a transparent underpainting. When that is dry, I paint over this layer, creating areas that are opaque and transparent. This process establishes the form of my subject while letting the transparent tone peek through in areas of my choosing.


watercolor of a winter landscape by Gayle Isabelle Ford

“Colorado Winter” watercolor, 22″ x 16″


I am an active member of the Oil Painters of America, the International Guild of Realism and the Virginia Watercolor Society.


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  1. These are all so lovely. Morning Sunlight is my favorite.

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