Featured Artist Lynette Orzlowski

Australian artist Lynette Orzlowski expresses her love of horses and wildlife through her dynamic portfolio. See more of this artist’s award-winning portfolio by visiting her website.


pastel of a white unicorn by Lynette Orzlowski

“Erus my Unicorn” pastel on ampersand board, 58cm x 51cm


Growing up in the Yarra Valley in rural Victoria, Australia, I was surrounded by wide open spaces, farm animals and lots of native bushland. I had a strong desire to draw and paint the animals that I spent hours studying while they grazed in the paddocks or were being milked in the sheds on those early mornings.


painting of a white horse agaisnt a red background by Lynette Orzlowski

“From Out of the Dark” acrylic on canvas, 120cm x 90cm


Horses were my greatest love. From a young age, I would always be excited to see my father ride up to the house from working all day herding the cattle from the far back paddocks of the thousand-acre property that he managed. He rode a big buckskin gelding named Cappy and the farmhand that helped him rode a beautiful Palomino named Shammy. This was the start of me nagging my parents for my own pony one day. They finally caved in to my wish, and I received my first pony at age eleven.


painting of two angry tigers by Lynette Orzlowski

“The Disagreement” acrylic on handmade paper and canvas, 124cm x 93cm


When asked as a small child what I wanted to be, I would say, “When I grow up, I want to be a famous artist.”


pastel of a hunting fox in winter

“Frozen Wonderland” pastel on ampersand board, 82cm x 68cm


At age six I entered my very first art competition. It was a colouring competition for Johnson & Johnson. I won first prize! Surprised and thrilled with winning, I believe that this event was the seed that started me on my journey to becoming an artist.


painting of a white horse on a red background by Lynette Orzlowski

“Red Rhapsody” mixed media on paper, 76cm x 65cm


Although I had talent, family members politely told me that this quest to make a living as an artist was not an option—that you had to be dead to be known—and that I needed to look for a “real” job. I believed them. I began exploring a variety of new and exciting jobs to try and find something that would give me the same satisfaction as making art.


horse painting on gold background by Lynette Orzlowski

“Rhapsody in Shimmering Gold” mixed media on paper, 72cm x 58cm


Along the way I worked as a cashier at a supermarket, as a waitress at different restaurants, as a manager in a McDonald’s, pizza cook, butcher’s assistant, ticket writer for fresh produce and art store assistant. I finally found myself creating signage and ran a successful sign shop for nineteen years.


pastel of an otter against a blue background by Lynette Orzlowski

“Otterly Blissful” pastel on paper, 54cm x 70cm


In 1997, I learned to use an airbrush and went on to become one of Australia’s leading commercial airbrush artists. I completed works on hot rods, boats, motorbikes, horse floats and a number of other items. This led to winning awards for my work as well as for my clients. During this time, I also taught students how to use the airbrush in twice-weekly classes at Victoria University in Melbourne.


pastel of a white horse on a blue background by Lynette Orzlowski

“Storm Chaser” pastel on ampersand board, 58cm x 51cm


In 2007, I started to move away from the demands of commercial art in the direction of fine art. I began trying a number of different mediums, such as pastel, acrylic, ink, watercolours and oils.


painting or a white horse by Lynette Orzlowski

“Shades of Grey” oil on board with gold leaf, 72cm x 76cm


Being a self-taught artist, I was always testing the boundaries of these new mediums. I found that my paintings started to have a life of their own—choosing the medium to be painted in. This is why I believe my work looks so diverse; each painting tells its own story. Whenever I begin an animal portrait, I always start with the eyes. In this way, I try to capture the character and beauty of the subject.


cropped pastel of a show horse by Lynette Orzlowski

“On Show” pastel on ampersand board, 51cm x 58cm


Equine and wildlife are my preferred subjects. I have shown my work in numerous solo and group shows, both nationally and internationally. I use photographs that I have personally taken and I also work with professional photographers, bringing their inspired photos to life in paint.


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  1. I find your animals very inspiring , such attention to detail. I have had some of the same negative connotations expressed by others growing up. But I still continued painting while doing other jobs. I may have gotten off track, never deterred. My passion never left me.

  2. Robyn Watson says

    Lynnette, your work is stunning! I was put on to you by Rene, who says you were a family friend. I also paint, self taught, but have yet to make a mark in the art world. One thing I’m determined is NOT to try to fit in with what is loosely called “Modern art”. I much prefer art that I recognize – like yours! If you were closer I would love to have lessons from you. I would like to try this spray painting you mentioned. I live in Central Q’ld by the way.

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