Artist Showcase, Winter 2021

Twenty-six artists share some of their favorite work in this exciting visual showcase. Enjoy, and click the name of each artist to visit their website for more.


painting of a body of water by Marne Jensen

“Silent Shoal” acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 24″ by artist Marne Jensen


Marne Jensen

This is a peaceful water scene with subtle cool blue tones that bump up against a distant shoreline. Small areas of brown and sienna in the foreground suggest a shallow cove that is safe and calm.


oil painting of succulents by Lynda Sauls

“Enduring Love” oil, 36″ x 36″ by artist Lynda Sauls


Lynda Sauls 

Sizable paintings of plants and flowers jar the attention—drawing the viewer into a place of stillness, to hear the whispers. Love is vulnerable, unexpected, yielding and humble. Open your heart to receive.


abstract alcohol ink and acrylic painting by Meg Homeier

“Transition” alcohol ink and acrylic on Yupo paper mounted on canvas, 30″ x 30″ by artist Meg Homeier


Meg Homeier

Mysterious and ever-changing is the essence of alcohol inks. I corral the movement with heavier acrylics, letting the inks bleed and weave into the heavier medium. It’s a balance of control over chaos.


oil painting of two crows by Rachel S. Beck

“Two of a Kind” oil, 16″ x 20″ by artist Rachel S. Beck

Rachel S. Beck

I believe inspiration is everywhere. I currently work with oil on a variety of subjects. I prefer a traditional approach; however, I also incorporate a touch of surrealism with the use of bright colors and visible brushstrokes.


digital photograph of a canal in Venice by Rochelle Berman

“Venice Mirror” digital photography, 30″ x 40″ by artist Rochelle Berman


Rochelle Berman

I love to create “Dreamscapes” where I start with the inherent beauty in nature, places and people and take a creative leap from there. Venice is the magical place that inspired this artwork.


oil painting of a woodland scene by Robert McGaw

“Woodland Daybreak” oil on panel, 14″ x 11″ by Robert MaGaw


Robert MaGaw

Bringing landscapes into one’s home is calming for many busy people who may feel disengaged from nature. I hope to provide paintings that beckon you to connect with the beauty of our surroundings.


stilll life oil painting by Iullia Dravchenko

“Still Life with Maple Leaves” oil on canvas, 90cm x 70cm by artist Iullia Kravchenko


Iullia Kravchenko

I am an artist and photographer from Russia. My paintings celebrate sentimental value and the evanescing beauty of ordinary things. Working at my easel, following traditions of the old masters, I feel inner peace and serenity.


end table sculpture by Chris Poulton

“Every Home Should Have One” wood, lino, metal and gesso, 34″ x 49.5″ x 29″ by artist Chris Poulton


Chris Poulton

My sculptural practice is concerned primarily with the readymade. Using objects and materials of an industrial or utilitarian origin, I set out to explore and develop possible scenarios which may reveal hidden connections and meanings.


photo of a dead flower by Carole VandenBerg

“To Everything There is a Season” digital photography, various sizes by Carole Vandenberg


Carole Vandenberg

As a photographer, my images can be completely realistic all the way to totally imaginative. As a digital artist, my work ranges from abstract to photomontages to fine art to commercial design.


abstract mixed media painting by Leila Pinto

“A Brighter Future” mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 36″ by artist Leila Pinto


Leila Pinto

“A Brighter Future” reflects my attempt to stay upbeat and positive during the pandemic. Through the colors, mood and gesture of this painting, I convey hope that this too shall pass and brighter days will return.


oil waterscape by Elizabeth McLaren

“Peaceful” oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″ by artist Elizabeth McLaren


Elizabeth McLaren 

I am a contemporary impressionist painter in oils and watercolour inspired by the beauty of nature and my surroundings in beautiful British Columbia. Subject matter includes landscapes and wildlife.


abstract alcohol ink and watercolor by Linda Watson

“Nebula Rising” (from the UNIVERSE SERIES) watercolor and powdered pigments on paper, 10″ x 8″ by artist Linda Watson


Linda Watson

Hawaii has some of the world’s largest telescopes. The images they capture inspire me with their mysterious, swirling cosmic clouds and stellar lights. Hawaiians revere the universe because they depended on the stars for navigation.


gouache portrait of Arthur Ashe by Tracy Cox

“Arthur” gouache on wood panel, 24″ x 12″ by artist Tracy Cox


Tracy Cox

I am most drawn to paint subjects from my memory, like this portrait of Arthur Ashe’s glasses from a time where someone who actually looked like me was on television (in the 1970s).


floral painting by Kathleen Hall

“Spring Bouquet” oil on canvas, 24″ x 24″ by artist Kathleen Hall


Kathleen Hall

I love color and making marks to create highly textured, dimensional paintings where viewers can trace my journey through the layers. I’m inspired by nature—in particular, the rocky coast of Maine where I live.


landscape painting of Provence, France by Janet Dyer

“Farm Drive” acrylic, 12″ x 12″ by artist Janet Dyer


Janet Dyer

Our world is endlessly fascinating and beautiful. I’ve been painting landscapes since I was nine and have never tired of it.


oil and cold wax seascape by Patricia Kirk

“Trusting the Journey” oil and cold wax on panel, 24″ x 35.5″ by artist Patricia Kirk


Patricia Kirk

My work includes oils and watermedia, representational to abstract. Being a nature lover and a seeker of the all-pervading Divine Spirit, my deepest joy is when I bring these together in my work.


abstract grid painting by Stuart Andrew Hall

“Dima” acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 100cm by artist Stuart Andrew Hall


Stuart Andrew Hall

I am concerned with the media’s representation of imagery. Pictures are digitally altered and transferred to the analogue of paint on canvas, creating a memorial of the original.


painting of a Red Tail Hawk by Ann Marie Snyder

“Red Tail Hawk” acrylic, 16″ x 20″ by artist Ann Marie Snyder


Ann Marie Snyder

I am inspired by the colour, detail and striking pose that shows the personality of an animal that may be endangered. The loose nature of the habitat that surrounds it creates the total ambiance.


abstract pastel by Deborah Thornberry

“Organized Chaos” pastel, 5″ x 7″ by artist Deborah Thornberry


Deborah Thornberry

During this chaotic year of ups and downs, I took my art in a different direction, leaning more to the abstract side. This piece evolved from the chaos in an attempt to find organization.


painting of a colorful sky by Nathalie Frenière

“Light of Life” oil, 30″ x 30″ by artist Nathalie Frenière


Nathalie Frenière 

My works are inspired by a spontaneous painting of landscapes—both representational and abstract. I do not seek to reproduce nature, but to express an interpretation of my inner gaze.


photography of bamboo by Karen Harris

“Mighty Bamboo 2” photography, various sizes by artist Karen Harris


Karen Harris

This photo was produced during a time where I became obsessed with my bamboo plant. It depicts how I saw it—a bright beacon of positivity and light through a flower-like lighting treatment used.


painting of Lido Beach by Qing Wang

“Good Morning Lido Beach” oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″ by artist Qing Wang


Qing Wang

I use slightly exaggerated techniques to make the colors richer and brighter, make the details more prominent and depict true nature more vividly and artistically.


pastel of a stormy sky by Nancy Sylvia

“Summer Storm” pastel on textured paper, 16″ x 12″ by artist Nancy Silvia


Nancy Silvia

The subject of landscape is complex, engaging my interest both aesthetically and spiritually. In choosing to depict the natural world, I try to observe, describe, and interpret the scene as a meditation and a gift to the viewer.


painting of a forest and pond by Ann Phifer Reyes

“To the Light” oil on canvas, 12″ x 12″ by artist Ann Phifer Reyes


Ann Phifer Reyes

My landscapes are usually of peaceful places. There has always been, and even more so now, a need to escape the stresses of life to a restful place where joy, peace and healing can happen.


painting of birds in flight by Louise Hall

“The Flight” acrylic on deep canvas, 22″ x 22″ by artist Louise Hall


Louise Hall

I am a self-taught Canadian painter living in Calgary. My subjects combine abstracted backgrounds with representational focal points of birds or trees in acrylic. My aim always is to create the illusion of beauty.


abstract oil painting by Alain du Pontavice

“Murmurs VI” oil on linen, 130cm x 195cm by artist Alain du Pontavice


Alain du Pontavice

In the series Murmurs there is a unique combination of brush strokes and colours, deeply embodying elements that they evoke. In each painting there is a cascade, a scale, shimmering variations of colour enriched with subtle reflections.


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  1. Wonderful work all around!! Thank you Carolyn and team for including me in your Winter Showcase!

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