Featured Artist Anne Watson Sorensen

Artist Anne Watson Sorensen presents a collection of stunning landscape paintings created using watermedia. See more by visiting her website.


watercolor of moving water by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Living Waters 5″ watercolor, 30″ x 22”


I have been on a lifelong quest seeking to find joy and belonging. I was raised with seven siblings in Canada by poor Chinese immigrants. It was a daily challenge to survive, learn English and overcome cultural barriers. Emotions were quashed in favor of practicality, hard work and logic. Suppressing feeling resulted in emptiness. My latent needs for belonging, love and joy lay buried.


abstract mixed media painting of a forest by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Courage” mixed media, 13″ x 19″


Art found and saved me.


abstract watercolor forest by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Courage 4″ mixed media, 8″ x 8”


While a young mother, I lived in Barcelona, Spain. The masterful art and experiences that surrounded me ignited my emotions. I no longer wanted to be a spectator. I chose to become a courageous and passionate pursuer of art. For the past twenty-five years, I have had a life filled with joy and creativity.


watermedia painting of leaves by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Alive!” watermedia, 11″ x 15″


As an artist, I paint with intent so that my paintings radiate joy. For me, joy is a choice to deeply love, listen and see. It requires courage, vulnerability, perspective and optimism. Joy is heightened when acquainted with pain, rejection, sorrow and grief. The result may appear playful, hopeful, euphoric, at peace or even pensive.

This joy invites belonging to ourselves and to each other.


water media painting of a tree filled hillside by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Abide With Me” water media on canvas, 24″ x 18″


My paintings are diverse in subject and style. They reflect these many facets and feelings of joy and belonging. My content comes from daily spiritual study and journaling. Leonarda daVinci said, “When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”


watercolor painting of a stream with a bridge by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Connecting” watercolor, 15″ x 11″


Next come selections of subject, style, surface and medium. This is followed by composition, shape, value and color choices. The painting is finished when it belongs to the original idea, and joy exudes.


watercolor of mountains by Anne Watson Sorensen

“The Journey” watercolor on Yupo, 14″ x 20″


Painting in watercolor is my specialty and my first love. The addition of mixed media painting further breaks down barriers and affords me more dialects from which to choose to communicate content. The universal language of art knows no bounds!


mixed media painting of an Idaho waterfall by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Idaho Rocks” mixed media, 13″ x 19″


I graduated from Business and Art School. Continued growth under master artists worldwide challenges me to learn deeper. I’m a Signature Member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) and Distinguished Merit Member of the Idaho Watercolor Society (IWS). I’ve been awarded grants from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Idaho Arts Commission.


watercolor of birch trees in the snow by Anne Watson Sorensen

“Winter Wonderland 1″ watercolor, 30″ x 22”


My award-winning artwork is in public, corporate and private collections worldwide. I am represented by six galleries and have had numerous solo shows. In addition, I am a member of BOSCO (Boise Open Studios), the National Watercolor Society (NWS) and President of Art Breakthrough Intensive Workshops. Being a community arts leader, motivational speaker, and watercolor instructor continue to infuse me with joy and connectedness.


Artist Anne Watson Sorensen

Artist Anne Watson Sorensen


I’m inspired by Maya Angelou when I write, “I belong no place. I belong everywhere. I belong to me.” Hopefully, you feel transformed and choose joy and belonging when you view my artwork.


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