Featured Artist Anita Williams

Artist Anita Williams presents a glorious, light-filled collection of landscape paintings.

Featured Artist Robert Catapano

Painter Robert Catapano creates bold, expressive portraits using an intuitive approach. See more of his work on his Instagram page.     I don’t consider myself a true artist; just more of a painter. I’m not schooled—no Art101, color theory or art history—just self-taught. I just paint.     I’ve drawn, painted and sculpted for as […]

Featured Artist Anne Watson Sorensen

Artist Anne Watson Sorensen presents a collection of stunning landscape paintings created in oil and watermedia.

Featured Artist Jodie Blaney

Stylized, whimsical landscapes by artist Jodie Blaney delight the senses with lush forms and energized line.

Featured Artist Julie Higgins

Vibrant and sensual, Julie Higgins’ pastel paintings reflect her spiritual journey and concern for our planet.