Artful Holiday Gift Guide 2021

These artists and makers offer a selection of creative gifts, starting under $100, to delight everyone on your holiday list!


Heather Davis paintings

Soft abstract artwork by Heather Davis uses encaustic and printmaking techniques.


Heather Davis Studio & Gallery

Heather Davis’ artwork is inspired by her relentless pursuit to find beauty amid rubble. She studies ancient piles, decrepit infrastructure and that which is generally gritty to discover beautiful colors, patterns and symbols which she brings to her work.

Heather’s primary medium is encaustic, which she uses both in the traditional method of encaustic painting, but also as a medium for collagraphs and other print forms. Calling upon an impressive collection of odd bits – wire mesh, chicken wire, barbecue implements, and so much more – she creates gorgeous imagery in her prints. Heather owns and operates Heather Davis Studio & Gallery in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, where she shows her own work and that of other artists and craftspeople.


Handmade soaps in whimsical designs by Double Cherry Soapworks

Handmade artisan soap by Double Cherry Soap Works are perfect as gifts and stocking stuffers.


Double Cherry Soap Works

Double Cherry designs artfully handmade functional soaps for the purpose of bringing joy, happiness and bubbles to customers’ lives. Soaps are created in small batches, in a process focused on the Zen aspect of mixing and swirling using original recipes.

Influenced by the Pacific Northwest and the beauty of Washington State where the soaps are made, the newest collection of “Soap-scape” designs feature charming landscapes. Their softly-scented signature line of soaps resemble decadent cherry-topped pastries with bright pops of abstract colors. Prices range from $7-$12 retail. Enjoy gifting these to those you love!


green glass earrings and necklace

High Tide Meteorite and Orion Necklace set by Sundrop Jewelry


Sundrop Jewelry

Tawny Reynolds designs elegant, sun-melted glass jewelry that helps you express your love of color and the Earth. She uses a giant three-foot magnifying glass to focus sunshine and melt recycled bottles and stained glass into dainty droplets. The natural form of teardrops in vibrant colors of glowing glass are set in recycled silver, creating flowing jewelry with a casual elegance.

Sundrop Jewelry ranges from dainty minimalism to big and bold, but always retains that vibrant thread of casual elegance with an eco-friendly twist.


12 Days of Christmas Card Collection

Twelve Days of Christmas card collection by Leslie Kell


Leslie Kell

Leslie Kell creates artworks using an original technique that synthesizes her artistry in design and photography. Each year she develops a new piece to commemorate the classic Christmas carol Twelve Days of Christmas. She began her journey in 2013 with the inaugural artwork titled “True Love”. So far there are nine editions in the collection. It will conclude in 2024 with the twelfth day.

Now is the perfect time to join the festivities with greeting cards, ornaments, and small resin-coated artworks. Plus, 2021 limited edition ornament sets will later include free 2022, 2023 and 2024 designs to complete your collection.


colorful handmade ceramics

A collection of colorful ceramics created by artist Donna Lashof


From Donna’s Hands

Ceramic artist Donna Lashof is intrigued by interesting shapes and bright colors. She uses a variety of ceramic techniques, but her preferred method is slip-casting from molds made from original forms or found objects. This approach allows her to explore unique and varied forms.

Most of her line is contemporary, while some are ceramic remakes of ubiquitous shapes. All are highlighted by bright colors and created for everyday use. Each piece is meant to be both fun and functional. A purchase from her collection is a thoughtful gift that will be used and appreciated by the recipient.


paintings and whimsical illustrations by Karlie Rosin

Whimsical art and landscapes by Canadian watercolorist Karlie Rosin


Karlie Rosin

Karlie is an illustrator who loves to channel creativity through various mediums. She is known to paint with vibrant colors, using both traditional and digital techniques. These include acrylics, watercolor, digital paint and manipulations. Occasionally in the mix are markers and crayons.

Her illustrations are available as prints and designs on various merchandise. A handful are available on original watercolor paper or canvas. Commission your own custom artwork, such as personalized zodiac prints, pet portraits, fashion illustrations, or landscapes. Custom artwork can be ordered on various apparel and accessories or to personalize any gift!


group of colorful abstract paintings

Abstract paintings by Australian artist Olivia Alexander


Olivia Alexander

Inspired by the ocean and coastline of tropical Australia where she lives, painter Olivia Alexander creates art with a sublime beauty. The artist uses colors that are both alive and calming. She invites you to take a journey with her into the hidden beauty of rock pools or walk on the beach at sunset.

She paints in an abstract style using multi-layered, mixed media techniques. Gold leaf is also featured in her latest works, combined with colors of the tropics. In all, a joyful celebration of nature!


Whimsical mixed media found object art by Toni Brou ensures you will always have a sunny day.


Toni Brou

A series of losses inspired Brou to create sun assemblages based on her mantra “the sun always rises”. Her use of salvaged items like plates and hubcaps is a whimsical take on hope and transformation and serves as a nod to her late father, who was a junk art creator.

Since 2011, Brou’s suns have frequently been seen on CBS Sunday Morning. One was even chosen for inclusion in their first calendar (2022). Brou’s shop features an array of bright and cheerful celestial, floral, and bird imagery on notecards, prints, magnets, ornaments and originals in her immediately recognizable style.


Paper sculpture by Melinda Fabian

Artist Melinda Fabian offers charming and whimsical paper sculpture as well as a variety of gift items in her online store.


Melinda Fabian

Artist Melinda Fabian captures snapshots in time that we often take for granted, especially in nature. Using paper sculpture, she highlights the joy in even the simplest moment when we “stop to smell the roses.” The holidays are an especially great time to savor every moment.

Her artwork, from original paper sculpture designs to festive ornaments and family activity books, aims to help you do just that. Smiles are guaranteed when you realize what you can do with just paper, paint, a steady hand, and a bit of patience!


Handmade pottery by Studio LaRoche

Earthy functional pottery by studio LaRoche will become favorite go-to pieces for the table.


Studio LaRoche

Studio Laroche is owned and operated by ceramic artist and entrepreneur Catherine Laroche. She designs small batch collections of ceramic wares inspired by the beauty, simplicity and tranquility of everyday moments. In doing so, her mission is to nurture a healthy, happy way of life through objects that are equally beautiful, meaningful and useful.

Each piece created at Studio Laroche is crafted through a ritual of steps. This process invokes all senses and demands a deep attention to detail. The manipulated clay is transformed to embody this narrative and transmit the sensuality of the process into the final piece, perpetuating the millennia old tradition of clay works.


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