Featured Artist Debbie Gallerani

Artist Debbie Gallerani presents a collection of quirky, thought-provoking mixed media portraits of women. View more of her work on her website.


mixed media figurative drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“If You Don’t Love Me Now” Prisma color pencils on bristol board, 12″ x 16″


I was born in Palm Springs, where the California desert’s vast sand dunes abruptly lay at the foot of lofty mountains. Almost humanlike cactus silhouettes against crisp blue skies, adding to this extraordinary landscape which has captured my heart and soul. I now reside in Tucson, Arizona after living in California for most of my life. My love for the desert has rekindled a fresh passion in my art and life.


figurative mixed media drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“Hot Pink off the Press” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


Growing up in the evolutionary era of the sixties shaped my artistic style with diversity and boldness. As I watch how these elements play out on canvas and sculptures, it is always miraculous.


figurative mixed media drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“Meet Me at the Village” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


At the time, Mid-Century Modern was in full swing in architectural design. Naturally, I had a desire to implement these striking graphics in my art. These dynamic designs are prominent in my Mid-Century Modern Mod series.


figurative painting by Debbie Gallerani

“There’s Always Time for Tea” acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 23.75″


Another element I grew up with a passion for is Mexican folk art. My parents had purchased Tonala pottery for our yard and little hand painted folk art Mexican dolls for the house. Inviting the rich colors of this culture into my paintings always brightens my spirit.


figurative mixed media drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“Orange Sherbet” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


My early artistic journey was quite the opposite of painting. As a child, my dream was to have a syndicated comic strip. I drew hundreds of strips. Some of them were published in local papers and my cartoon characters were also used in various advertising campaigns.


figurative mixed media drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“In the Sand at the Strand” Prisma color pencils on paper, 8″ x 12″


My main career path was graphic design, but I found getting the right education was a difficult path during my college years. Door after door would close due to unforeseen circumstances as I pursued my art education. But I was tenacious. I took on every art job that came my way and taught myself every graphic program available.


mixed media drawing of a woman by Debbie Gallerani

“I’m Going to Marry Elvis” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


School of hard knocks? Yes, but the rewards have been invaluable. That experience and wisdom led to amazing job opportunities such as working for Palm Springs Life Magazine in multi-media advertising and eventually owning my own firm, Studio West Graphics. Going from paste-up artist, to designer, to Senior Art Director, to running my own company was a crazy experience, but worth every minute.


figurative mixed media drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“Triple Mod” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


Now that I’ve switched from graphics to fine art, I’m able to experience a freedom of expression that is sometimes scary, and other times invigorating. My muses are women and they encompass unique beauty, thoughtful moments and dreamlike visions. The cartoonist in me naturally adds an amusing twist or quirky quality to my subjects.


mixed media figurative drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“London Groove” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


Acrylics are my preferred medium and I like to work quickly. I love using specialty papers, which has become a new element in my work. The textures bring back memories of old Spanish architecture and the colors bring in the warm desert palette. I’ve also implemented sketches, paper backgrounds and Photoshop to create an alternative collection of works that keeps me fresh with my graphics programs.


mixed media figurative drawing by Debbie Gallerani

“Palm Springs ’64” mixed media digital, 14″ x 22″


I feel blessed with the talent I’ve been given and honor God in the process. When someone falls in love with my art, I feel I have blessed them as well.


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