Featured Artist Nicole Camilleri

Artist Nicole Camilleri creates mixed media art and mosaic sculpture devoted to healing, love and peace. See more of her work on her website.


floral painting by Nicole Camilleri

“Love is Law” acrylic, 34″ x 36″


I am a visionary artist of 25 years as well as an energy healing facilitator.


figurative painting by Nicole Camilleri

“The Alchemist” acrylic, mixed media, selenite and gold leaf, 48″ x 48″


Each of my designs is a unique expression of my intuition, emotions, experiences, playfulness, psychic visions and dreams, devoted to soulful transformation, inner love and peace.


pattern painting by Nicole Camilleri

“Divine Intervention” acrylic and gold foil, 30″ x 40″


My art is an authentic voyage of seeding more love into the world. I truly experience magic and wonder in all of my creations and have an ever-growing connection to the spirit world.


mosaic sculpture by Nicole Camilleri

“Karma” (mosaic) hand-cut glass, mirror, gems and crystals, 18″ x 12″


Tipper, my grandmother’s 150-lb German shepherd, was the first thing I ever painted! I still remember opening the can of black tar in her basement at age three and feeling the paintbrush in my hand. This massive canine lovingly allowed me to paint his back and my grandmother made my mother swear she wouldn’t get mad at me (which she didn’t!)


floral painting by Nicole Camilleri

“Love Blooming” acrylic,18″ x 36″


I did not, however, begin my true soul’s journey until I was in my late twenties. At that time I lived in France. I walked into a friend’s studio and became overwhelmed with emotion. My friend said, “My Nikki, if you feel this, then you have to paint!”


mosaic mirror by Nicole Camilleri

“You Are Beautiful” (mosaic) hand-cut glass, mirror, gems, crystals and family heirlooms, 14″ diameter


I didn’t know I had it in me, but nothing can stop me now! I ended up moving back to the United States. Having gone through a lot of pain and separation, my biggest wounds became my life’s purpose. I create to help myself and others heal.


figurative mosaic sculpture by Nicole Camilleri

“Flavie Full Circle” (mosaic) hand-cut glass, mirror, gems and crystals, 5′ 6″ tall


Acrylics (on canvas or walls) are my favorite painting medium due to their diversity and drying time, but any paint and substrate will do. I also love watercolor, oils, encaustic and oil pastels.


figurative mosaic sculpture by Nicole Camilleri

“Ange” (mosiac) hand-cut glass, mirror and gems, 18″ x 12″


Sculpting and mosaics are my other follies. My process involves meditating and layering—only multiple coats will do. All my inspiration comes from nature, flowers, animals, sacred art, colors and my intuition.


mosaic columns by Nicole Camilleri

“Pillars of Life” hand-cut glass, mirror, gems and crystals, each 4′ tall


I’m also a Reiki Master/teacher. I have studied other healing modalities while continuously taking painting and sculpting classes for over two decades.


Colorful floral painting by Nicole Camilleri

“Love, Love” acrylic, 24″ x 30″


I enjoy my kids and family, gardening, the ocean, animals, astrology and am an avid reader. My studies are for life and I enjoy teaching and sharing what I learn while striving to help others grow. I aspire to inspire before I expire.


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