Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2023

Enjoy our current Artist Showcase featuring the work of amazing creatives working in different mediums and styles. Click on each name to visit their website.


abstract painting by Niyati Jawani

“Synergy” acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″ by Niyati Jiwani


Niyati Jiwani

My compositions consist of vibrant and subtle colors which create an everlasting impact on the viewers, making them feel positive, pure and blissful. I make art to express my inner feelings. My art style speaks abstract expressionism.


graphic screenprint bear and mexican

“California Love Song” limited edition screenprint, 11″ x 14″ by Denise Fuller


Denise Fuller 

My art combines my lifelong fascination with ancient art and contemporary styles. My work celebrates the relationships we have with our ancestors, and the gifts and wisdom they bring to our own daily lives.


macro photo of a rose by Coral Stengel

“Rose” photography by Coral Stengel


Coral Stengel

Inspiration often comes from nature. I have a series called Morning Walks on my social media sites that is varied in subject and style but it’s what keeps my interest and hopefully the viewer.


texture abstract mixed media painting by Zaweah

“Genesis” textured abstract acrylic painting on stretched canvas, mixed media, 50 x 61cm by Zaweah



Genesis, a beginning of a mysterious wonderful world; this approach can take you into a wide space of imagination. With the right moment of inspiration, and also evoking my multicultural background, are together conducive to a well-made concept and a good result.


bold mixed media abstract painting

“Goan Secret” oil and acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40cm by Ilaria Ratti Salvioni


Ilaria Ratti Salvioni

I’m a Swiss artist based in Dubai. My artworks are vibrant, energetic and optimistic. I work with matter and energy, powerfully infusing materials. I creates customised artworks for clients, interior designers and boutique hotels.


abstract digital print of a bridge

“Sky Bridge” digital print from film negative, various sizes, by Susan Mara Bregman


Susan Mara Bregman

I love using my Holga plastic camera to create double exposures. Here I captured a detail of a river crossing where the graffiti-covered bridge seems to melt into a perfect sky.


abstract painting in encaustic oil and graphite

“How Not To Forget” encaustic oil and graphite on wood 36″ x 36″


Kim Cardoso

Savoring the luminous physicality of encaustic painting, I capture the stillness and belonging I feel in nature. I know my work is complete when it feels familiar, sensual, and evokes a fresh connectedness.


pastel landscape by artist Sangeetha Mudumbai

“Sunset At The Dunes” soft pastels on Colorfix pastel paper, 9″ x 12″ by Sangeetha Mudumbai


Sangeetha Mudumbai

I experiment with a variety of media and subjects, but my favorites are landscapes and seascapes in soft pastels. The breathtaking display of light and shadows at sunset is the inspiration for this painting.


bold abstract black and white photo

“Afterthoughts of Light 3”


Majed Abolfazli

Our world can be both familiar and strange at the same time. As a photographic fine artist, I create imagery that depicts common objects or scenes in an unfamiliar or unusual way.


painting if a rose garden by Phyllis Tag

“Rose Garden” oil on board, 30″ x 24″ by Phyllis Tag


Phyllis Tag

I am a traditional still life painter who delights in taking common things and glorifying them with bright colors and bold brush strokes to make them come alive. My goal is for each painting to tell a story to the viewer and to be a “Blessing in Color”.


colorful abstract line drawing by Jeffrey Yentz

“Line Depth” pen and ink drawing with Prismacolor pencils and markers, 10″ x 12″ by Jeffrey Yentz


Jeffrey Yentz

The paper knows what the pens need to create while my eyes are the quality control. Each piece strives for a personality which others can relate to.


painting of a spring sunset

“Spring Sky” acrylic on canvas, 24″ x18″ by Jackie Tury


Jackie Tury 

My vibrant paintings flow between expressive landscapes and colorful abstracts often inspired by my love of sea and sky. They are created with joy and I hope that’s what they bring to you.


sculptural serpent in mixed media art

“Cosmic Serpent” recycled mixed media, 14″ x 18″ by Tara White


Tara White

Cosmic Serpent was created as I was going through an emotional time in my life. I was inspired by the snake, a symbol of wisdom, strength, new beginnings, and creativity. My recent works typically feature a spirit animal inspiration and use recycled materials and found objects to build 3D depictions of them.



“Monoprint Blue Roll” acrylic on vellum, 18″ x 48″ by MJ Benson


MJ Benson

I summon landscape, anchored by the horizon, using paint and mixed media. Long paper & fabric monoprint scrolls about rising and falling water tables are my current obsession.


watercolor painting of ballerinas

“Ballerina’s Dream” watercolor, 18″ x 15″ by Cathy Maguire


Cathy Maguire

I use different mediums and techniques depending on the mood of the piece. The painting’s blue color and whimsical watercolor style sets the mood for a mystical serenity. I can’t seem to part with it.


woodcut of a cat in a landscape

“Percy in Rome” color woodcut print, 20″ X 35″ by Janet Lefley


Janet Lefley

I have an MFA in printmaking and enjoy making woodcuts. But in whatever medium I work in, animals have a habit of appearing, whether I plan it or not.



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